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Presidential Distraction Photo Op - Veterans - The President Show
   Comedy Central
  Published: 2 weeks ago


The president gets a lesson in integrity after questioning the loyalty of actual transgender service members.

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16 hours ago
this video is stupid trump is much more worst than this.

19 hours ago
Sir there are things you don't understand...

1 day ago
Holy shit that was great

2 days ago
I saw a national guard unit that still uses those crossed chest pistol holster, (senior leaders and warrant officers) they trained with us

It looks so bad ass

2 days ago
ho- i was in tears - fuckin A funny

3 days ago
Field Marshal Donald "Bonespur" Trump ... the great douchebag in command

3 days ago
the one on the far left looks like wired al...

3 days ago
I'd bang Shane.

4 days ago
The top dog, I mean draft digger, he's trash, for real.

4 days ago
Just wanted to say, this show is hilarious, and sadly true; but to the 4 veterans on here, I just wanted to say thank you and I admire you. I have a job and pay taxes and I have no objection to my tax dollars supporting ALL our troops. I am not a veteran myself, but then it's my job to support the veterans.

5 days ago
transgenders have mental problems

5 days ago
hahaha id like to see those trannys see combat cuz ik they wouldnt last a hour

6 days ago
One more military episode with R Lee Ermy common SNL!

7 days ago
That's a GREAT WALL!!!! XD XD

7 days ago

1 week ago
Mordor.....isnt that where Trump came from?

1 week ago
That asian looking native american is wearing a fucking feather. how stupid as hell. i doubt it's a native that still practices their culture... but since he was told as a child that hes native, he feels hes one of his ancestors and wears a feather but has no idea the meaning or significance of it, kinda like dumbasses getting their tribe tattoo of a feather or whatever it is

1 week ago
Two genders only. Good job Trump, we don't need faggy trans and all their expensive medical needs in the military. What a disgrace that was for obummer to let them in. Good job Trump dishchaarging tjem,
Trump 2020! <3

1 week ago
Too bad his "heel spurs" didn't disqualify him to be President.

1 week ago
Donald is fugly. Inside and out. Smh

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