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Chappelle's Show - Trading Spouses
   Comedy Central
  Published: 3 weeks ago


White and black families swap husbands in Dave's reality show twist.

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3 hours ago
"Take my bag up to my room,and If I find out you going thru my shit, im gon beat ya in ya ass"!

5 hours ago
Hahaha raw bar of soap. So true

8 hours ago
haha this shit is a hot fuckin mess!

9 hours ago
"Well just so u know, his ass will be back April 13th" 🤣🤣

15 hours ago

20 hours ago
Seen these back in the day , , and soon as the dvds came out i bought them , so I'd have uncut version in rated version

20 hours ago
Lmao mop top

22 hours ago
At First I thought it was the fault of the NIGRO WOMAN that 73% of BLACK Fathers are not around to raise their NIGLET SPAWN... but when you see the behaviour of NIGRO MALES...well, you really can't blame them SHEBOONS for wanting to split.

22 hours ago
NIGROs are always so CULTURED and WELL MANNERED...

22 hours ago

22 hours ago
Why does daves black character in this skit remind me of Samuel l jackson

24 hours ago

1 day ago
Moderate belt free unlike make relevant prosecution wing interview free.

1 day ago
Well, just so you know, his ass will be back April 13th😂

1 day ago
😂 he said scotched the earth

1 day ago
0:50 This is where the deez nuts joke originated from..

1 day ago
I forget how many kids have never seen these, pure gold.

2 days ago
So Leonard is a Star Wars fan, and Todd is a freaky dude.

2 days ago
"Halle berry here i cum"

2 days ago
The fact that Dave can act like a white man makes it so funny

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