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Chris Hemsworth Explains Thor's Unexpected Ragnarok Haircut
   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  Published: 4 months ago


Chris Hemsworth talks to Jimmy about appearing in his seventh film as Thor, reinventing the character and why they gave him a haircut in Ragnarok.

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Chris Hemsworth Explains Thor's Unexpected Ragnarok Haircut
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Comments Directly on YouTube

19 hours ago
Loki get a flashback hulk wreck him during new york incident but during ragnarok,thor get a taste of what loki feel.

1 day ago

2 days ago
I love you 😘 Chris Hemsworth

2 days ago
He's born to play Thor and so others characters in MCU. Marvel just keep winning this. They have such a keen sense and eye lookin for the perfect person to play the roles.

4 days ago
Wait, did he say his seventh time playing Thor? Ragnarok was his fifth film as Thor.

2 weeks ago
Time to recast Thor. Give us a great Thor movie this guy can go back to his audience flicks and the next dumb and dumber stupid comedies

2 weeks ago
Im Australian and every time he says something Australian it's just gets me going and I doe laughing on the floor

2 weeks ago
Why doesn't he explain why the fuck he had to take my favorite superhero, do such a fucking amazing,brilliant job at playing him for six movies and then take A BIG FAT FUCKING SHIT ON HIM IN THE SEVENTH?! You can't just completely change an iconic character like him,whenever you just get bored and turn him into a fucking joker with shitty,forced humour! This is not Deadpool we're talking about! This is Thor! The mighty,serious,egoistic, immortal god of thunder and prince of Asgard! Why,Chris?! Just why?? I believed in you!!!

3 weeks ago
Horrible movie.... Worst movie in the MCU yet

3 weeks ago
Movie is shit.

3 weeks ago
I personally didn't like the hair cut in Thor

3 weeks ago
So cutting Thor's hair isn't really part of his comic book story?

4 weeks ago
Did anyone else notice that chris has one his buttons wrong buttoned? jaajjaajjajjaaaja, besides that, he's a great guy !!!

1 month ago
Im so upset when he lost his left eye...thor ragnarok rip left eye and thor hammer mjolnir

1 month ago
Lol when Jimmy said Ghostbusters
dead silence

1 month ago
Pilot report alarm church index substantial elevator aggressive guidance tremendous expert

1 month ago
I was a little disturbed by the fact that Fallon didn't knew Taika. C'mon What We Do In The Shadows is widely known .....

1 month ago
Chris: I'm sick of myself
Taika: So am I

🤣🤣 JESUS gotta love Taika's sassy ass

2 months ago
.....i- i have to get off this planet

Loki: I have no fears
Hulk: exsists
Loki: I have one fear

Tbh I really like the hair cut they gave thor like damn

2 months ago
Korg sounds like you and this hsmmer have unusual relationship in like loosing a love 1

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