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Jordan Klepper Riled His Alt-Right Inspiration Alex Jones with The Opposition
   Late Night with Seth Meyers
  Published: 4 months ago


Jordan Klepper talks about his Comedy Central show The Opposition, how its promo has already caught the attention of Alex Jones and what he's learned from the alt-right.
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Jordan Klepper Riled His Alt-Right Inspiration Alex Jones with The Opposition- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 week ago
Jon Stewart did Glenn Back. Colbert did Bill O'Riley. Now Jordan is doing Alex Jones. Works for me.

1 week ago
Hola Jordan !! Please, use mind control with the deplorable idiotic Don the Con followers so they can wake up from their brain damage state!! Please, ASAP !!

2 weeks ago
anyone else (chrome users?) randomly get blackscreen seemingly only on vids from this channel? refreshing usually does nothing, gotta reopen url in safari :/

4 weeks ago
Alex is smarter than all of you

4 weeks ago
Jordan Klepper trying so hard to do oldschool Stephen Colbert....meh kinda works

1 month ago
Propaganda. Seth Meyers is a shill.

1 month ago
Jeff Fisher was fired because of what was going on with me and on American dad Roger ears Jeff's brain for a clone and cell phone Jesus on family guy climbing up the ladder just a boy and his computer

1 month ago
wow the opposition alt right troll comedy news show trolled a alti right troll

2 months ago
Let's not forget no bergdahl why would Obama trade those terrorists for him

2 months ago
As far as proving they could influence my thoughts the only thing thst comes to mind is the brandy story when my mom slammed the door at the end of the dream which at first you might say is just the end of the dream because the door slammed but this happened at almost the same time so either it was timed or there was someone putting the thought in and or reading it out because it was completely uncharacteristic of anybody and to be anticipating that moment with a door slam off only a mind reader no way I think they put it in and either read it out or said they were simultaneously reading it out as they're just putting it in

2 months ago
I always knew he'll have a show.

2 months ago
jordan is new seth- colbert - noah in one but on steroids, great klepper

2 months ago

2 months ago
Alex Jones is not an idiot as many suggest here . He's a business man and a damn good one too.
He's just like the Church in that sense - selling bullshit to gullible people .

2 months ago

2 months ago
We need to take guns away from those mentally ill conservatives and trump supporters

3 months ago
Jon Stewart "conservative Libertarian" Best work he ever did. Wish someone would do this one on Alex.


3 months ago
Sodium worth herself square significantly discussion horrible dispute follow.

3 months ago
Jordan is making me stop watching Trevor.

3 months ago
That's so meta... a parody of a parody of a parody.

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