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Best Videos Compilation Week 3 May 2017 || JukinVideo
  Published: 8 months ago


This week we have an emu being chased down the street, an adorable golden retriever trying to get that summer bod, a kid being royally screwed over by a toy claw machine, and much more! Sit back and enjoy this amazing compilation and have an awesome weekend!

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10 for Diving Technique:
Water You Doing?!:
Cat Spider:
Ruff Workout:
Wake Up!:
Hoofing It In The Race:
Nice Ride:
Going In for The Board:
Firefighter Water Team:
I'm Biking Here:
Wallet Rescue: Submission
Not A Fan:
Nothing Stops Her:
It's Very Emusing!:
Hiding In Plain Sight:
Home Remodeling:
Bike vs Car: Submission
Where's The Drive Thru?: Submission
Kids Got A Future:
When Reality Hits:
Easy Does It:
Circle of Life:
Never Give Up:
RCing What I'm Seeing?:
Giant Swing Set:
Bus Attack Mode:
Catching Big Air:
Ending In Style:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 day ago
WHAAAT was that boy thinking when he saw the suv losing control coming straight at him 🤔

1 week ago

2 weeks ago
4:57 that's not a good video I disliked the video because of that I'm disgusted

2 weeks ago
gloco: he got an egg2x

3 weeks ago
Lol that dog loves to join in

4 weeks ago
The black car helped the woman in the black jacket from a white car and she does not help the black car wtf she is fucking asshole

1 month ago
5:02 is so funny to me😂😂😂

1 month ago
5:02 Where’s the DIRVE thru? XD

1 month ago
wait wu happen

1 month ago
6:27 GLOCO spotted..hahahaha

2 months ago
And i hate all the car accidents

2 months ago
I love that dog and i hate that girl inside the car.....

2 months ago
This chanle is the best

2 months ago
Sir Gloco andito ka

2 months ago
That’s why you should always wear a helmet kids,,,

2 months ago
I love the hydroplaning DAMM SO AWSOME

2 months ago
1:27 , who wakes up smiling..

2 months ago
0:35 spider car xD

2 months ago

2 months ago

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