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Best Videos Compilation Week 2 August 2017 || JukinVideo
  Published: 1 week ago


Another week in the books means another Best Of The Week coming at you. As we wind down this week and mentally get prepped for next week, here are a few of the best clips we got to see this week. We got some flipping dinos, some silly kids and some fantastic fails. Hope you all enjoy.

Original Links:

Boat ride-
Giant ball sport- Submission
circle of life-
Scary game- Submission
Speeding with mom-
photo finish-
jumping out-
nice, soft landing-
wants to stay-
Cliff diving-
oh deer!-
roadside assistance-
sentient mower-
killer moth-
life of the party-
stable truck-
which one's real?-
bear removal-
puppy rescue-
Phone in some help-
pig exercise-
seeing your friend-
getting around-
welcome mat- submission
taking shots-
doggy door-
hold my beer-
morning run- Submission
out for a stroll-
perfect form - Submission
nice and easy-
thats one way-
please feed- Submission
DIY tree cutting-

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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 hours ago
Richie is a FOOL to drive like that when his mom isn't even wearing a seatbelt. Looser.

21 hours ago
4:21 was adorable to me.

1 day ago
0:50 no wonder his name is Richard

2 days ago
4:58 why the fuck he shoots when bear was running away... I hope bear come back at night and kill him.

2 days ago
Yeah... Mother Nature wins!
P.S. Jump high.

3 days ago
Dem asses 4:01 and 7:42

4 days ago
Do that dinosaur clap

5 days ago
I want to teach my kitten to high five like that

5 days ago
2:10 Mike Berrita

5 days ago
2035...Samsung Galaxy S 25 and iPhone 22 S...still take vertical videos...

5 days ago
Why they shoot at the fking Bear ???? 4:42

5 days ago
5:45 A good way to make my girlfriend walk

5 days ago
The water rocket guy definitely got laid

5 days ago
I wish he fell in the pool on the last one lol

5 days ago
great video man

5 days ago
The bitch in the second vid is so worried about speeding.... But no seat belts on at all

6 days ago
6:08 sliding into DMs like

6 days ago
Richard's mom has warrants....

6 days ago

6 days ago
Maybe shed feel safer if she wore her seatbelt...

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