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Motorcycle Stunts Compilation from the JukinVideo Vault
  Published: 1 week ago


Motorcycle stunts either go really right and make you look incredibly awesome or they go terribly wrong and make you look like a complete fool. Here's a compilation filled with a little awesome, a little, foolish, and a little awesomely foolish. Enjoy these crazy motorcycle videos!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 days ago
been following these guys on facebook for years and literally just found the youtube channel. wtf im stupid

3 days ago
0:47 thats super easy to do flaten your tire and its a grom

5 days ago
That last one lol. I'd be like, "I'm dragging your FACE!"

5 days ago
Bikers are awesome

6 days ago
3:57 idk if that was on purpose i would of pulled over and checked

6 days ago
Cool man

6 days ago
So at 2:35 this is what people do before they sell their house

1 week ago
1:00 they are absolutely starving...

Ondeh Mandeh! '''

1 week ago
Hijo de puta deja en paz a Korah

1 week ago
Kinda anticlimactic when they don't fall

1 week ago
3:43 t his isn't a motorcycle it has a gear box !

1 week ago
On all the crashes, everyone's like, "Oh my god is he okay?" and I'm just over here like, "Is the bike ok?"

1 week ago
JukinMedia, the most thief in the internet by lies of copyright. U deserve to get lost forever.

1 week ago
3.00 was that a lambo? on the right side?

1 week ago

1 week ago
3:45 motorcycle huh ? smh.

1 week ago
i miss my supermoto:(

1 week ago
so stupid ....this video sucks dude

1 week ago
0:33 what bike is that? Or is it a custom scooter

1 week ago
03:36 Amish Road Rage!!

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