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Top 5 Relationship Problems || JukinVideo Top Five
  Published: 2 years ago


We all have our relationship goals, but as we know, no couple is perfect and every couple has their problems occasionally. Here are our Top 5 Relationship Problems compilation brought to you by a bunch of single people; so what do we know?

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Original Links:
1. Taking It Too Car:
2. Don't Playstation With Me: N/A
3. Too Wedgie For You:
4. Feeling Catty:
5. Superlol:
6. Stinky Surprise: N/A
7. Savage AF:
8. It's All Joker Now:
9. WoW Could You Not?:
10. Nobody Puts TV In The Corner:
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 weeks ago
My buddy had a beautiful gf a few years back who warned him to slow down on playing games. He didn't. They tend to go elsewhere for attention if you get what I'm saying.

1 month ago
3:55 When you're a petty, immature jerk who doesn't understand how to work things out with talking

1 month ago
talk about petty and so fucking childish! If you're unhappy , move on!

4 months ago
very bad compilation

4 months ago
Intro is fucking ear rape

5 months ago
Women want men to spend all their time with they after working all day for their groceries.

7 months ago
3/4 fake news

7 months ago
how is the cat thing so bad

9 months ago
That was too much lol

1 year ago
Really the PlayStation why

1 year ago
Does the fifth one even English other than the word fuck?

2 years ago
What a jerk lvling wow characters to max takes like 3 weeks..

Like if you agree!

2 years ago
deleting the three level 80s was pretty harsh, but leaving the low level warlock??? cold blooded brutality

2 years ago
Did she delete his shit, omg

2 years ago
The WoW one... the pain bro...

2 years ago
What's "wedgie"? :D

2 years ago
Actually this is top 10 but ok

2 years ago

2 years ago
Why do women think it's ok to act like this when they get mad.

2 years ago
That second to last seems like a wifebeater

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