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Trump Confidently Declares Himself a "Stable Genius": The Daily Show
   The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
  Published: 1 week ago


After the book "Fire and Fury" calls his cognitive abilities into question, President Trump launches into a Twitter tirade to insist that he's a "stable genius."

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1 hour ago
IQ of 153 above genius

2 hours ago
You have lost a lot of Armenian fans today you racist piece of horse crap. Way to fight racism you idiot.

14 hours ago
Ask anyone throughout the entire election if they think Trump would get elected, and they wouldn't even answer you...they would just laugh. It was a big joke. But the guy actually won the election and became president. Its arguably the most elite position on the planet. And he got it. That's got to be worth something. Maybe he is a genius.

19 hours ago
That last sentence was epic

20 hours ago
Trump is a stable!!!IDIOT!!!

1 day ago
Trevor you are racist and a bigot for calling Armenians filthy. It was NOT funny. Shame on you.
It’s funny how....racism coming from a black. I am sure you weren’t offended when Trump called African countries a Shit hole. You are a pathetic excuse for a man. And since you think name-calling it’s funny I’m almost sure you wouldn’t mind being called nigge?????

1 day ago
Trump is by Far the Most Stupid Man that has ever been President. Black People and Brown People do not have much of a Chance with Trump as President. Donald Trump is the King of Hate.

1 day ago

1 day ago
It's not that he's a genius it's that you are so stupid LMAO

1 day ago
Why the remark about the Armenians??

1 day ago
Trevor i really like to know wtf Armeniana shoved up your ass that u are butthurt like this.

2 days ago
I love how most of the people in the video defending Trump barely blink when they're talking about him

2 days ago
You lookin retarded now with that excellent score on the mental test for president. Go kill yourself

2 days ago
He got a clean bill of mental health from Obama's doctor.

2 days ago
Omfg someone in that audience had the most annoying laugh and they always laughed when nobody else was laughing. Like not to hate or anything but it was getting on my nerves so fucking much

2 days ago
Things like this make Trump a dangerous person!,(think about that!,,,,

2 days ago
Trump is a Genius at the Con game!

2 days ago
there has never been a self declared Genius in history!,that was actually a Genius!,,lols!

2 days ago
On point

2 days ago
3:15 poor guy was so embarrassed his head went back into his shell 🐢

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