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Crazy Illusions Video Compilation || JukinVideo
  Published: 7 months ago


Everybody loves a good magic trick! Check out these crazy illusions and see if you can figure out how they are doing it! Or maybe it's actually maaaaaaaaagic.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 month ago
1:54 you know that’s a real lumberjack!

2 months ago
The reason why it's like that is cause there's a car with its headlights on

3 months ago
This has been killing me for ages and every time i think of it or this video pops up i try to find it only to fail. What is the song that starts around 2:27? For the finger illusion. I've tried soundhound and shazam

6 months ago
5.03 at end , what is the song name ? pls tell 😭😭

6 months ago
2:26 What's his name?

6 months ago

6 months ago
1:00 he drops it in his lap.

7 months ago
The one with the kid was the most insane.
How did he do that?
I really did think the ball was in his right palm.
What a trick!

I am questioning life now.

7 months ago
Hey guys ! One man With a chanel named "Toponie" Have steal your video ! Check his channel !

7 months ago
1:56 I blinked when he changed it so it actually looked cool. AND THE FUNNY THING IS. IT WASNT PLANNED. XD

7 months ago
4:38 , "what the fah?" (most asian accent)😂😂😂

7 months ago
Nice video but can someone help me with that last music song in this video. What is name of that song ?

7 months ago
Half these are called editing, not illusions

7 months ago
1:07 How?

7 months ago
see my chanel for fun stuff thnx

7 months ago
0:24 one of the best things ive ever seen

7 months ago
We are unimpressed the ball was in his left hand

7 months ago
Let us focus on what matters most here. Did the dog get the treat?

7 months ago
4:13 wow this kid failed

7 months ago
The first one: when a Titan likes jumping xD

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