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BROAD CITY Season 4 Official Trailer (HD) Comedy Central Original Series
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  Published: 8 months ago


BROAD CITY Season 4 Official Trailer (HD) Comedy Central Original Series

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Abbi, Ilana and the rest of the crew are back with some of their biggest adventures yet when Broad City returns August 23.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 days ago

6 days ago
Not my proudest fap...

2 weeks ago
Pro-lesbian tv series. Trying to make homo sex normal, natural, hip n funny. It's still a Christian sin. Bigbang, Evolution, Pascals Wager are fairy tales. Be warned.....sin is STILL real.

1 month ago
Se ve chingona 7/10

2 months ago
These women are yummers!!!

2 months ago
I used to love this show but this season fucking sucks. I can't stand it anymore I haven't really laughed once yet. Idk what happened I went from having a crush on illana to fucking hating her. I still kinda like Abby but her shtick had gotten old. Hardly any other characters have been in this season so far and they made the show really great. I don't know for me the show started going downhill with the Hillary episode last season and I fucking hate Trump as well but it's like we fucking get it you hate him too move on and focus on making the show funny I get enough Trump in my regular day to day life and enough politics too. Not to mention besides South Park no other show on the channel can go an episode without talking about the ass hole. Political humor is funny every once in awhile but it's overkill to the point that I can barley sit through an episode anymore. I don't know how many more episodes are left this season but if it fails to get any laughs out of me like the rest of the season I'm not really going to watch it anymore

2 months ago

2 months ago
Broad City: First season was 10/10. 2nd season was 8/10. 3rd 7/10. This one has been a solid 6/10.

It's on a steady decline imo. Now it feels like they're running low on ideas and just introducing cameos for the sake of it. There are a few genius jokes in there, and I still love Abbi and Ilana, but I think they need to refresh the format or just end on a high (probably literally).

2 months ago
This shit is crazzzzy

3 months ago
What's that song on the end it brings memory's back please help

3 months ago
this show has become gross and unwatchable

3 months ago
Ilana is so sexy

3 months ago
best associate wave leather night must excitement partnership window stick

3 months ago
Disgustingly unfunny. Guess the demography is self loathing women.

3 months ago
AHHHH. What the F#$% happened to this show! It went from one of my favorites to the worst in season 4 so far. Who is writing this lame ass shit now??

3 months ago
I love this series but Abbi being a Hillary supporter last season was so disingenuous to the character I felt like it was character assassination.

Now come fight me in the replies, I hear you seething from here.

4 months ago
I tried giving this show a little chance last night, even though I knew I wasn't going to like it from the commercials... after like 2 minutes of watching this steaming pile of dog diarrhea, pathetic attempt at comedy, unfunny shitty ass show, I found myself facepalming and rolling my eyes at this bottom of the barrel, forced, "look at us we're raunchy and funny women we are so awesome and cool like guys!! yay bitches!!!" crap, the jokes are really tired and uninspired, it's like they are making it for kindergardners (or females, same shit)... to be honest the reason why I even had it on in the first place was cuz it was right after south park and I was preoccupied on my laptop to even think about grabbing the remote, also the game I wanted to watch wasn't on yet and I had some time to kill, but once I saw that rupaul scene in the restaurant and hiring only mean bitches and then one of those ugly bitches made a weak speach standing up for herself and talking smack, then he/she hired her, I was like oh god get me the fuck outta here, quickly, and changed this bullshit garbage ass show tailor made for retards with no actual life or even a hint of decent comedy taste and sense of humor

4 months ago
ugh that faggot ru paul, gross... pass

4 months ago
That dragon fuckin' raped them! 😂

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