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Top 10 Incredible Time Lapses || JukinVideo Top Ten
  Published: 1 week ago


Watch these incredible time lapses, or as I like to call them "Fast-Mos"! Whether it is nature changing and being out of this world, or a Titanic replica being built out of nothing but Legos these videos are nothing short of mesmerizing!

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Original Links:
10. New York City:
9. Taking A Cat Nap:
8. Ice Pile Up:
7. Growing Up:
6. Solar Eclipse:
5. Puppy to Dog:
4. Borrow a Pencil?:
3. New Zealand City:
2. The Best Part:
1. RMS Titanic:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 day ago
4:06 i think that is a pussy,but wait that is a flower 😅 lol

1 day ago
I guarantee no matter how many top lists you find on youtube, none of them will support 60fps

2 days ago
3- New Zealand city?? New Zealand is not a city, its a country, we have about 15 city's in New Zealand, and about 1000 small towns, its bigger here than you think, it's amazing how tourists think you can drive from one end of nz to the other in a day, when it's 2500km long, and a 4hour ferry trip in the middle

3 days ago
New Zealand ftw btw which city was it

3 days ago
Who else's one is the ice pile because it is so satisfying

3 days ago
LOL at 4:01 i was like ohhhhhhhhhh! I know i have a dirty mind!

4 days ago
I thought I was good at Legos :/

4 days ago
2:39 I had just finished watching that

5 days ago
A lot of these were lame.

5 days ago
who ever did the age progression was dedicated

5 days ago
thank you so much <3!!!

5 days ago
i miss being able to see the milky galaxy literrally looks like a carpool for stars in the sky

5 days ago
ok now now no no no now

5 days ago

5 days ago
Song name at 00:06

5 days ago
I left a dislike because this video was trash.

5 days ago
i really want to press that pencil down and snap the lead

6 days ago
the best time laps would be this video in 1 second.

6 days ago
5:18 why is he showing his muscles when he doesn't have them lol

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