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Wow! 3 Drill Machine Life Hacks You Should Know
   Mr SunY
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 days ago
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19 minutes ago
West time

2 hours ago
Yeah, go try to drill anything but cardboard with that "hole saw"

12 hours ago
Really 10mil views, useless shit.

15 hours ago

17 hours ago
ذورو قناتي واسفيدفي حياتك الثقافية

17 hours ago
why don't you just use the drill bit from the first "hack" on the last "hack"

17 hours ago
Seriously? Why nut just punch a hole out of that leather.

17 hours ago

18 hours ago
WTF??? Who would spend so much time on making a tools that: #1 have only one function, # 2 that already exist? I could have zip tied 500 pieces of wood together by the time you made that stupid thing.

20 hours ago
Los "life hacks" que he visto en tu canal en su gran mayoria son muy impracticos
Solo complican lo sencillo

20 hours ago
Wow, cutting holes in pipe, or just use a drill bit like normal people do.

21 hours ago

22 hours ago
0:59 this is just barely holding itself together.. 3:31 or just punch it down on the leather with a hammer. faster and easier. for the pipe use a drill. faster.

1 day ago
I can't believe you talked me into watching this crap

1 day ago
It would be far easier to watch without the world's most annoying sound track.

1 day ago
Well there's 5 wasted minutes I will never get back. What a waste of time, money and effort!

1 day ago
I really didn't need to know any of these

2 days ago
There are tools for these situations. They're called drill bits

2 days ago
Normally i wouldn't comment but why go to that extra length to make those drill bits when you can buy them like that. The first one maybe yes but the rest nope.

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