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Wow! 3 Drill Machine Life Hacks You Should Know
   Mr SunY
  Published: 3 months ago


Lensko - Circles [NCS Release]

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 months ago
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1 day ago
Damn. You just burned the leather.

1 day ago
I could be a hater but i've already wasted enough time on the video

2 days ago
The point is, its got millions views

2 days ago
Руки переломать надо!!! Как так с лозой можно? башку себе затяни так и к столбу потом

2 days ago
Three hacks only good for wasting people's time

2 days ago
interesting adaptations to the drill

3 days ago

3 days ago
Mr SunY: You are very intelligent. Keep it up... as STUPID Americans and Northern European TRASH keep clicking on you ideas. Good for you

3 days ago
its a wik you now

3 days ago
Ummmm.... "SPADE BITS"!

4 days ago
Go buy the right size hole saw and use the right size drill bit in a drill press for the holes. Yes even in leather. You just need to use the right speed and a sharp drill bit. My god. Why make things so damn complicated???

5 days ago
that music is distracting ass hell...otherwise good vid.

5 days ago

being able to monetize such mind-numbing stupid videos full of worthless ideas does require some genius

5 days ago
Some good ideas there, thanks

5 days ago
ever heard of a hole saw. lol

1 week ago

1 week ago
blat ti tupoy

1 week ago
Only a fool attaches a plant to a support using wire. This is a special type of fool who uses power tools to do that job. Nearly every time it will overtighten and severely damage the plant. TOTAL FAIL

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