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Yuna Kim - Free Skate - Ladies' Figure Skating | Vancouver 2010
  Published: 2 years ago


Yuna Kim sets two Ladies' Figure Skating world records with her Free Skate performance at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Yuna Kim - Draw My Life:
Yuna Kim's tropical smoothie:
Yuna Kim relives Vancouver 2010:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
She probably has the best outside edge on a lutz that I have and ever will see on a female figure skater

2 hours ago
So great!

3 hours ago
She is the best!

5 hours ago
Could barley let go of the wall while ice skating

5 hours ago
George Gershwin - Piano Concerto in F Major

7 hours ago
What in the what how can humans accomplish such superb things

8 hours ago
Her outfits is always gorgeous.. 😍😍

11 hours ago
We all know, no one can ever replace or take her throne. There's a lot of people comparing Yuna and some other skaters from this generation. Yuna already told the media that there's no point of comparing her and other skaters who are competing in Pyeongchang since she is from a different generation. Her PCS was always so low, her scores were underscored, she was destined to suffer because of the careless Korean national skating union and other greedy countries. But the queen managed to become the legend, the idol for everyone in the world and stood up for her country who wasn't even supporting her when it was difficult for her. Now there's skaters getting 80s in short and over 150 in free. There's people saying Yuna would've lost if she competed in Pyeongchang. Though everyone knows that she is a great skater who comes out once in a century. We might not be able to meet someone like her before we die. I miss you so much, and I hope you can rest well after the 2018 Olympics. You did well. You did so much for the nation even after retiring.😊💞

17 hours ago
I watched this video many times already but this still amazes me and gives me goosebumps...

24 hours ago
She's like Ellsa ❤😍

24 hours ago
Yuna kim is the queen 👑

1 day ago
She skates naturally like the way she breathes.

1 day ago
그래 이게 스케이트지

1 day ago
연아 언니 연기하는거 내가 직접봣다면 난 그자리에서 죽어도 상관없어

1 day ago
연느 사랑합니다

1 day ago
May this video never cease in views and may the queen live forever.

1 day ago
Just watching this, I feel dizzy. Is she not?

1 day ago
still impressed..Even after 8 years.

1 day ago
Still watching this after Alina Zagitova's performance yesterday (PyeongChang 2018-23-02, congratulations to her !). In my opinion Yuna is still on another level of performance, with her art bringing a torrent of emotion. New dancers may bring more complex jumps and higher scores, but don't blush Yuna because you're still number 1 in our hearts <3

1 day ago
L E G E N D.

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