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Fast Workers God level 5
   Mr. Fast 2018
  Published: 7 months ago


MR. FAST 2.0: My New 2ND Channel!
Fast Workers #4 - Speed Shearing Fleece LEVEL 99.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

17 hours ago
Sorry not even going to watch, Ferrari in thumbnail... clearly not a Lamborghini

3 days ago
4:00 is hardly 'god-level'

3 weeks ago
How heavy are thos tires???? 1:00

4 weeks ago
Y'all Need To Stop Being Mean

1 month ago
God can do it faster

1 month ago
Wtf that lambo with the all scratched paint after the washing job(you can confirm in the sun reflection) has to do with fast workers?

1 month ago
junk video,

2 months ago
4:00 isint fast

5 months ago
do people just not like their fingers or something? there are easier ways to get them cut off

5 months ago
who was Fast Workers Powered by

5 months ago

5 months ago
1:56 That is a freaking sharp knife.. Yikes. Cut your own damn finger off if you aren't careful.

5 months ago
Pure trash. Enjoy the dislikes and learn what "fast worker" means.

5 months ago
This is actually the worst "fast workers" video I've ever seen.

5 months ago
Some things in this video I don't want done fast like haircuts and car washes especially waxes.

5 months ago
Lame videos, every now and then the aspect ratio is all wrong, overall a very half-assed job. Verdict: fuck you, uploader!

5 months ago
What was the song playing at 4:21

5 months ago
The Lamborghini one was cool

5 months ago
the guy at 1:55 made that look so easy... jesus those things are tough to put on... they usually require 2 guys to do it

5 months ago
Give more videos bro

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