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10 STRONGEST Signs of Aliens and Alien Life
   Be Amazed
  Published: 1 year ago


Are we alone? It’s a question that many hope to have answered, and some believe they already have the answer to. Some scientists maintain that we will find alien life in the next thirty years, if not sooner.
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SPOILER ALERT!!! A condensed list is below:
➢ 10. Tiny Life on Meteorites
Earth has been hit by a number of meteoritesover the past four billion years. Of the many tons of cosmic dust and meteorites that hit the Earth on a daily basis, three have been determined to have possibly come in contact with life. Credit:
➢ 9. The Wow Signal
In 1977 Ohio State University picked up a strange signal from their Big Ear Telescope an observatory that scanned the sky for alien radio signals. On August 15, , The telescope picked up a radio signal that measured as ‘6EQUJ5’ from an area of empty space and astronomer, Dr. Jerry R. Ehman wrote the simple phrase,‘Wow’. Credit:
➢ 8. The black knight
The black knight is a mysterious, unidentified satellite that was detected way back in 1899 by the brilliant Serbian inventor, Nikola Tesla, who some think intercepted signals from the unknown satellite. The satellite is believed to be 13000 years old and numerous others have since claimed to have picked up similar signals relating to its existence. Credit:
➢ 7. Nasa Cover-ups
If anybody in the world currently knows whether alien life exists, it would most likely be US government agencies such as NASA. What's unnerving is that there ARE many strange signs to suggest that NASA has been concealing information from the public. Credit:
➢ 6. Ancient evidence
Peculiar ancient hieroglyphs may be proof that even generations before us knew that alien life exists. Some famous hieroglyphics bears symbols resembling modern day vehicles, suggesting alien life was known about during ancient times. Credit:
➢ 5. Strange radio bursts
Since 2001 telescopes around the world have been picking up so-called fast radio bursts that lasts just a few milliseconds and erupt with about as much energy as the sun releases in a month. Ten have been detected so far and were determined to have originated 5.5 billion light years away. Credit:
➢ 4. Life on Mars
For more than a century, people have speculated about whether there is life on the red planet that is Mars. Thanks to NASAs curiosity rover that landed on the planet in 2012, it's likely that soon we may know whether life was or is present on the planet. Credit:
➢ 3.Life Can Exist Anywhere, Even Deep-Space
Extremophiles are creatures that exist in conditions that would kill most other kinds of life. Since the building blocks of life can form anywhere, life beyond our own rock is possible and likely. Credit:
➢ 2. There are Thousands of Exoplanets
In 2009 NASA launched the Kepler satellite observatory to look out into the farthest reaches of space. As Kepler scans the void, it has discovered and is still discovering, a staggering amount of exoplanets that may be habitable. In other words, our galaxy alone is full of planets within the important habitable zone, where alien life is likely to thrive. Credit:
➢ 1. Life could be in Our Backyard
For life, as we know it, to survive we requires liquid water and heat. The prospect for finding liquid water within our solar system outside of earth may not be as unlikely as we first thought. Apparently there are entire oceans of liquid water beneath the crust of ice on Jupiter’s moons Europa, Ganymede and Saturn’s moon, Enceladus. Credit:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 months ago
Here's a newer video with camera footage proof!

36 minutes ago
don't say lai

4 hours ago
Sometimes i wanna be Alone but all those Humans.... Killl them, Aliiiieen make Mee a Alien so i can drive the ferrarriii of yours and drop bombs on this world. Humanity stinkssss IIIII WISH I WAS A FIIIISH

1 day ago

1 day ago
I think they just want to join in on on roblox/minecraft game time

1 day ago
what if our planet was connected to another but an asteroid crashed into us and our earth found this galaxy

2 days ago

2 days ago
Maybe the Humanity and Aliens will become friends in the future to make some futuristic things like a flying cars,a hologram,and other inventions. Is It Cool?

2 days ago
To believe that we are alone in a universe that we have to assume is arrogant and somewhat tragic. No, they're around. Maybe even walking beside us as we move through our lives. Who knows? If they are, I hope they are kind.

3 days ago
Oooooo really

3 days ago
They are no aliens period. Like seriously stop there no fucking aliens deal with it

3 days ago
isn't space awesome? terrifying but awesome? lets say your a NASA astronaught and you know how Be Amazed said that when alien life appeared on cam and they blocked it out? imagine you were there to see the life form. cool or terrifying?

4 days ago
It was a year ago that I saw a UFO move at the speed of light now you're thinking how can I see something that moves at the speed of light I was sitting in my front porch with my best friend and all the sudden my mind shut down and I was in another place I was surrounded by aliens which I don't know if they're aliens but they mostly seemed like Asians I was surrounded by Asians and there was a party and I was a female in a wedding dress I could remember like it was yesterday and as I snapped out of the confusion that the alien transmitter put me in I saw something in the sky moved with the light as if I snapped I broke free of there mind controlling Ray and they fled so fast but what gave them up was the clouds the clouds move at the speed and then it slows down that's how I found out that my mind was being controlled by another life form and aliens are real

5 days ago
Fuck the lying government, 100% sure that we have been in contact with aliens for a long time. Area 51 and all kind of proof is there around the internet, just the sad thing is there's a lot of hoax videos, and there are videos taken down daily bases/banned

5 days ago
We never went to the Moon all this shit was videoed in a warehouse Stop Believing this shit all the US wants to do is be first in everything they're lying to us and speaking about aliens ain't no fucking aliens

5 days ago
Remember when people and scientists said dinosaurs were all killed by meteors? Maybe there were cells in that meteor that was all mixed up including the DNAs of the dinosaurs creating a human after the fall of the meteor because there are some similarities with humans and dinosaurs
-hunts for food
- has 2 hands and legs
-also an herbivore and a carnivore
- fights/kills each other
This is just a dumb theory but might be a bit connected to how humans really was made because the theory of the earth being made by meteors was already proved maybe this might connect to it.

5 days ago
6:49 that’s not alien, that’s Luke’s land speeder from A New Hope. THIS COULD MEAN...The force is real.

5 days ago
I think aliens could be in an only liquid or gas form instead of a humanoid from the normal green big headed alien.

5 days ago
i think the term "exoplanet" is so unbelievably arrogant to think the only thing to be considered a regular planet would be to be in our solar system. human narcissism.

5 days ago
What if we started on Mars and was brought here as an evacuation attempt, right before mars was destroyed.

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