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The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - Running Away from the Gun Control Debate
   Comedy Central
  Published: 2 months ago


Jordan equips his fellow patriots with foolproof tactics for avoiding uncomfortable conversations about gun control.

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3 days ago
-49% reduction in gun homicide 93-2010.

1 week ago
Why does the panning of this show feel I feel like the camera should be aimed lower.

2 weeks ago
Oh wow I'm so glad to see so much meaningful debate on this issue! Thanks Jordan Klepper! You've really brought some meaningful light on this issue. Like why are there 500-something mass shootings but we've only heard of 10 of them? Is it because the rest happen in places where there is already the strictest gun control laws and they were done with handguns?... Not assault rifles. But we should definitely get rid of assault rifles cause they kill more people than handguns rights Jordan Klepper? If you don't do the research than you can't really have a debate can you?

2 weeks ago
I was trying to find the episode after the Texas church shooting

So many mass shootings its hard to keep the late night shows straight

2 weeks ago
Oh the theory that fewer guns = less gun crime...
That theory is predicated on our ability to drastically reduce the number of guns.
Anything else would just be security theatre. If you don’t ban all guns, you might as well ban none of them. We cannot, and for the most part don’t want to do that in the USA.
go check out the 2007 International Small Arms Survey:
This survey shows that when countries try this there is always massive defiance (1/3 complying). In the USA the defiance would be the lion’s share I’d bet. So if they tried to disarms us and ignore the constitution there would still be millions of guns out there, this defeating the purpose. Your just be disarming a few law abiding citizens, not the degenerates who use guns to kill people.

If supply controls are the answer, describe precisely the full program of supply-side policies you propose to stop the gun crimes that we all abhor. And then tell us how those policies will also allow lawful gun owners to keep and protect themselves with firearms.

If you cannot square those two things, then you must convince Americans that they are better off under policies that would disarm good people in a fruitless attempt to keep bad men from getting guns.

That is my position. Please, feel free to convince me otherwise.

2 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
What a cargo cult. The constitution means that you can legally own guns. Doesn't say that you can get them easily, or own any that you want.

3 weeks ago
You're the best Jordan!

3 weeks ago
You don't need guns! You need nukes and predator drones! How will the well regulated militia fight against a state with drones and nukes and tanks and nuclear subs! Guys, if you really believe that the state is going to get you arm equally. Imagined fighting the British with sticks! An ar15 is a stick compared to a drone! Wake up sheeple

3 weeks ago
Bet they don't wana debate Ben Shapiro tho

3 weeks ago
Black Americans buy guns!  En masse!  You will have gun control in no time!

4 weeks ago
Ah America...Land of the free.

Free to get shot by a crazed gunman that is. Also, if you object to this you're a freedom hating liberal (ironic no?).

4 weeks ago
Of all American mass shootings the numbers killed, do not come close to the millions murdered by governments and the gun control they used to strip there victims of the tools used for self defense. The ones claiming gun control is the answer, are not being honest.To have a debate, at least a credible debate true facts are the only way. If the powers that be want to do some thing to help pass a bill that would make it a felony to mislead or lie to the American people, and a bill that makes authors co sponsors and all signers personally and financially responsible when people are killed or harmed because of bad legislation that criminalizes common sense and personal responsibility. Bottom line is that you can't have a meaningful debate without honesty from both right and left. My observation to this point is the anti gun crowd are incapable of honesty common sense, or personal responsibility, they will not stop there assault on the constitution, they lie mislead and misinterpret in order to undermine the freedom in this country. If gun control were a just cause it would sell itself, you would not have to lie continually about it to advance the agenda of tyrants. the taking of freedom from Americans, is the goal any says otherwise is not a friend of the America I know and love. I wish you all well .

4 weeks ago
now not the right time to talk about that is right winger for we dont got a good argument say we dont need beter gun rules

4 weeks ago
We're going broke and we can't even stop giving Israel money that they don't need, that makes us less safe, in exchange for nothing, while they violate our own standards on human rights, and while they insulted former president Obama for not kissing their ass enough and you think that we can have a rational conversation about guns?

4 weeks ago
Well I think the government did a good job responding to mass shootings in a timely fashion.

When will the government actively confiscate guns in order to “enforce” gun control? Can gun ownership become criminalized like drugs??? You have one, you are a potential criminal. As far as I’m concerned, the government already outnumbers the gun owners in their sheer arsenal and training. The only thing they don’t control are the people...the gun is a marvel of efficient killing indeed. However it is indeed strange to see gun stores by the side of the road, and to know that guns are not more regulated...

4 weeks ago
This shows that a good sense of humor is the best means of selfdefence there is

4 weeks ago
I will say i kinda disappointed me to not see him do a more serious opening monologue. Jordan is awesome and this is parody news but they are not just actors they are humans too. I truly wanted them to be alittle more serious, it would've been more respectful.

4 weeks ago
lol, stfu you ignorant jew.
Some Stats & Law: >
B. We have a non-white crime problem, not a gun problem. For example, in an all white New York City, the murder rate would drop by 91%, the robbery rate by 81%, and the shooting rate by 97%. In an all white Chicago, murder would decline 90%, rape by 81%, and robbery by 90%. (Color of Crime)
C. I. 2/3 of all gun deaths are suicides
II. Despite the number of privately owned guns almost doubling from 1994-2009, 192 million-approximately 310 million, the homicide rate dropped and has been dropping for decades.
Pew> Between 1993 and 2000, the gun homicide rate dropped by nearly half, from 7.0 homicides to 3.8 homicides per 100,000 people. Since then, the gun homicide rate has remained relatively flat.
III. How do old people or women protect themselves against home intruders or multiple criminals
IV. Hammers+Fists+Knives kill more people than rifles. The total number of persons murdered with a rifle in 2014 was approximately 251. The number murdered with “hands, fists, feet, etc” was approximately 670. That means more than twice as many people were beat to death than were shot to death with a rifle. Time for some Hands, fist and feet control?

Law> A well-regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed
i. Well-regulated as used in the second amendment, implies nothing more than the imposition of proper discipline and training
ii. Militia- All able bodied citizens over the age of 17
iii. Security of a free state, as used in the Second Amendment, meant security of a free polity, not security of each of the several states
iv. The right of the people- operative part of the amendment
v. To keep and bear arms- Not muskets, as the founders obviously knew other guns existed at the time and it applied to cannons.
vi. Shall NOT be infringed- in the law, there is shall, may, may not, and shall not, obviously shall not is the strongest verbiage

Supreme Court- Heller
A. The second amendment conferred an individual right to keep and bear arms
B. Statutes banning handgun possession in the home violate the Second Amendment
C. Statute containing prohibition against rendering any lawful firearm in the home operable for purpose of immediate self-defense violated the Second Amendment
D. Constitutional rights are enshrined with the scope they were understood to have when the people adopted them, whether or not future legislatures or future judges think that scope too broad

History- Every free able-bodied white male citizen shall be enrolled in the militia. The word citizen is used to exclude UN-naturalized foreigners as they form no part of the sovereignty, owing it no allegiance, and therefore under no obligation to defend it. Liberals, we already have laws on the books.

4 weeks ago
I love the reverse psychology, he makes it so funny.

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