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Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?
  Published: 1 week ago


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32 seconds ago
Похожие "собачки" в сериале Чёрное зеркало 4-ый сезон, 5-я серия.

13 minutes ago

14 minutes ago
They will hunt you down.

16 minutes ago
Good evening Boston Dynamics.

I am a social media editor of EBC Finance News from Taiwan, Asia, which have over 400 thousand fans on facebook.

We saw your excellent presentation video of "Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?", which is from this link below:


We want to access your authority to use your video in our positive news report, mainly about your video of "Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?".

We will post the report video on our facebook fans page、YouTube channel and also share the video to EBC News fans page, which has over 4 million fans.

Could we get your authorization ? and we'll tag your YouTube channel and Facebook fans page for sure. Thanks sincerely.

16 minutes ago

40 minutes ago
Tamo todos fundidos hshshshshsh

44 minutes ago
До чего техника дошла, уже и сами двери открывают. А я все кота не могу научить , что бы форточку за собой закрывал, когда с улицы приходит.

1 hour ago
These robots look like they're from that one black mirror episode. scary af

1 hour ago
Doors were all we had... It was the last bastion of safety in case of rebellion. You've doomed us all.

1 hour ago
The big one is to come...

1 hour ago
I could sit on my couch and have it open the door for my friends.😎

2 hours ago
Skynet is active

2 hours ago
wow здорово!

2 hours ago
Where is the guy whose job it was to kick over the robot dogs? Was he chase out of town by robot rights activists?

3 hours ago
до чего же умные щеночки

4 hours ago
How the...

4 hours ago
Ждем озвучку

4 hours ago
Nice bro

4 hours ago
the comments in this comment section make me want to kill a person...

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