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How to Make Smart Personal Bank Saving Coin and Cash
   Mini Gear
  Published: 1 week ago


How to Make Smart Personal Bank Saving Coin and Cash. In this video show you how to make it in step by step. Thank you for watching!! Please subscribe to get more interesting videos:

What do you need:
- Mini Servo motor
- Cardboard
- Water bottle caps
- Plastic gears
- 9v Battery and wire
- Ice-cream stick
- Bamboo chopsticks
- Coca-cola can

Cardboard Measurement:
(cm = centimeter)
2cm x 8,5cm = 3 pieces
3,5cm x 4cm = 1 piece
3,5cm x 9cm = 1 piece
3,5cm x 15cm = 3 pieces
13cm x 15cm = 2 pieces
13cm x 20cm = 2 pieces
14cm x 15cm = 1 piece
15cm x 21cm = 2 pieces
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
How to take money...Box cutter

4 hours ago
People that build these probably go to technology classes and learn how to do amazing things like this

5 hours ago
Nice dude

6 hours ago
I may just use the coin o ne

7 hours ago
Mini Gear watch the youtube channel Beginner Life is copying your ideas

9 hours ago
You are a very smart and a creative guy you and other people like that should be rich and famous. My opinion.

9 hours ago
Hey good video

13 hours ago
I subscribed

13 hours ago
Good job

14 hours ago
*Safety Level:
0 - Titanium
1 - Steel
2 - Tin Foil
3 - Lego
9000 - Cardboard*

15 hours ago
It is creative but not safe:'(.But I Will Make It For Sure

16 hours ago

17 hours ago
Who else is reading the comments while watching the video? 😂

17 hours ago
I will give U 200 dollars
Or 300 pounds

17 hours ago
Can u sell it from me

18 hours ago

18 hours ago

20 hours ago
Esta chuulisimo merece un súper likeee!!

23 hours ago
That is very cool😆😆😆

1 day ago
Bravo car si

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