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Allegations Mount Against Roy Moore; Trump Cozies Up to Putin: A Closer Look
   Late Night with Seth Meyers
  Published: 3 months ago


Seth takes a closer look at how President Trump sparked a political firestorm with his comments on Russia’s election meddling, as his party deals with allegations that their Senate candidate in Alabama sexually assaulted underage girls.
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Allegations Mount Against Roy Moore; Trump Cozies Up to Putin: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 weeks ago
Kenu reeves was saying young ppl are keeping up with Kardashian’s but I say what abt elders they are keeping up politicians..! Seems like me and the actor have something in common.

2 weeks ago
Why does not anyone say this? Trump is an utter fu*kwit and an utter cu*t. And the ugliest fu*ker in the whole world.

3 weeks ago
Cart man is smarter than trump

2 months ago
Go to hell tump

2 months ago
Anti-russia hysteria is so funny.

2 months ago
Now t r umptar is causing the new s r enter of sex a bus he's got to go
This is getting redickulas.. please impeach him.aTerri

2 months ago
Ed Henry? Wth?
What is up with some of Alabama's elected officials, they are whack.

2 months ago
Poor old Donny dumb- dumb, his one Neuron is working overtime.

2 months ago

2 months ago
"drop a dime" means snitch, e.g. by making a 10 cent payphone call. Payphones used to be a dime for a local call.

2 months ago
This comment section is a liberal sess pool

2 months ago
Ok I just saw Roy Moore on t.v. this morning speaking PERFECT RUSSIAN. Now I am getting very frightened, WTF is going on?

2 months ago
Remember when the accusations of Trump sexually assaulting people were mounting? Remember when all those women totally disappeared because it was a hit job? If people actually believed them why is nobody still chasing their story? Is it because you know they were not true?

2 months ago
I’m curious, where were all you crusaders for women when Bill Clinton was raping women, and Hillary and the Clinton sycophants were saying the victims were liars and sluts?

3 months ago

3 months ago
How to trigger a Liberal:

Trump is your President 😏 and will be your President for the next 7 years 🇺🇸 MAGA

3 months ago
What makes people sell their souls to defend these perverts. Even Lawers have an excuse, its their job, like it or not

3 months ago
When I see Roy Moore all I can think is "Wow! The Milky Bar Kid has let himself go"

3 months ago
Oh well, McConnell's in-laws were shipping Coke on their ship confiscated down in Columbia (LOL), which helps fund your campaign too Mitch besides the corp cash you get too. GW was an alcoholic, used Mary Jane like Jeb and also snorted some coke in his day. Trump is either just naturally whacked or else he's on something too what with all that sniffing he did during the debate.I say pretty amazing that Barack and Bill still were better POTUSes than any of the GOP , even if they dabbled in their college days.

3 months ago
ell, Steve it is called evidence, verifiable facts which I realize you are unacquainted with in your deluded world- must be because of life in your alcoholic haze. Beer googles, lol. Gee, lets check out your site Breitbart, hmmm.... funded by Trump supporters the Mercers, who are also big Scientologists and in Scientology it is considered OK to lie if it furthers your agenda etc.

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