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Jimmy Fallon Pays Tribute to His Mother Gloria
   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  Published: 2 months ago


Jimmy celebrates the life and love of his mom, Gloria Fallon, and thanks everyone for their support.

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Jimmy Fallon Pays Tribute to His Mother, Gloria
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Comments Directly on YouTube

9 hours ago
I am sorry to hear your loss, support is the key when you loose someone, stay strong together with your family, memories is what should keep you going! Stay strong Jimmy!

15 hours ago
Ohhh jimmy :((( 😭😭😭

1 day ago
1k of heartless motherfuckers

3 days ago
I made my mom angry recently until she said 'did you wish me to die sooner?' 😢

3 days ago
Your mom will always be an angel on your shoulder, Jimmy.

3 days ago
A message to those people who disliked this video.
You all are sick minded bastards with clearly no life and is stuck up your own fucking holes. How would you feel if your mother or father just passed away in front of you? You all are little pricks with a disrespectful heart and I fucking disgusting attitude towards other people’s feelings. I sadly don’t have any grandparents at the moment. They passed away when I was very young. It was horrible. The vibe around the house and the town that I live in was horrendous. So if you’re reading this and you’ve disliked the video, then I suggest you sort your worthless fucking life up and change who you are, you sick minded bastards. Fuck you all

6 days ago
So Sorry to hear about Jimmy Fallons Mother........Always been a fan of the show. It's not easy at all! No matter who you are or what you have been thru......The song "SuperMarket Flowers" By Ed Sheeran is one I heard maybe not to long ago and it left me speechless for a while.......and of course teary eyed. May she R. I. Peace until another time.

6 days ago
Awww this made me cry loads

1 week ago
To the 1000 people who gave a thumbs down, you are all pieces of shit

1 week ago
Hey Jimmy, i'm so sorry for your loss...
Kopf hoch, Jimmy......

1 week ago
R.I.P Gina Campbell my mother my mom died in 2004 at age 38 of pneumonia I miss her still she was like my best friend I was 12 years old at the time I'm 25 now I only wish I could have saved her like taken her to the hospital or something

1 week ago
Greatest thing God gave the world, were moms.

1 week ago

1 week ago
I’m not gonna lie I got a little misty eyed so sad he seems like a good guy rip to his mom

2 weeks ago
I’ve never seen jimmy like this, so heart broken rn :(:( god please give jimmy so much strength. ❤️

2 weeks ago
What a cutie! Jimmy I feel for so much for the way you feel! I lost both my mother and father in 2016 and 17! Grief is a journey my friend! LOLuv and hugs to you! Here is to a new fan and host relationship! Hang in there we will get through this together.

2 weeks ago
As long as we remember them in our hearts there not really gone

2 weeks ago
Why his finger still wrapped since 2015?

2 weeks ago
My mom recently passed away from cancer and I am only 10

2 weeks ago
Poor thing

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