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Apple HomePod DON'T BUY IT!!!
   Armando Ferreira
  Published: 1 week ago


My experience with Apple HomePod compared to Google Home Max or even Amazon Echo has been a big miss. Siri is just stupid, there's very limited features and you're stuck using Apple Music.

In this video I even do a Homepod vs Amazon Echo Vs Google Home so you can see the good the bad and the ugly. Simply put Apple HomePod isn't ready for prime time and you're better off getting a Sonos system instead.

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Hi! My name is Armando Ferreira, I live in Los Angeles California. I'm obsessed with mobile technology, cars, computers and filmmaking. Make sure to follow my website for the most up to date news:
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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 week ago
Sorry for my voice, been sick for a few days so voice is shot! As always share if you enjoyed the video!

5 minutes ago
Wow you have to have Apple Music?! Apple is ridiculous. For that amount of money I want it to play whatever the hell I want it to play. No questions.

51 minutes ago
V good video. Subscribed

4 hours ago
Welcome to the world of being a “Beta Tester” 😂. You paid $350 to be a beta tester.. Just research HomePod shipped with beta software.. Of course Apple would try and silence that developer lmao 😂.. Apple hates criticism.. So much sheep 🐑 why even ship a finished product.. this is comical.. This is what happens when Goldman and Sachs become board members of a company.. Cheating and corruption becomes part their business..

4 hours ago
My iPhone was charging and when you said hey Siri it activated 🤭

4 hours ago
this is a misleading and mostly inaccurate “review” that panders to the Apple-hating crowd. the glaring mistake is the is the omission of the fact that you can stream via Airplay. i agree that being unable to stream via Bluetooth is dumb considering it has 5.0...but i think they will come aroun and open it up once they realize they’re not flying off the shelves.

sound wise though...the quality is head and shoulders above Google Home and Alexa and arguably even better the more expensive Google Home (which distorts at high volume) and Apple thinks its enough to justify the $$$ and “non-inclusiveness.” but again i think Apple will realize the mistake and open its Bluetooth for streaming. this is very similar to the time the original iPod came only sync’ed with Macs until users demanded non-Mac interoperability.

12 hours ago
Good vid

12 hours ago
User error. I said “hey Siri, play sorry for party rocking” and it played the one from LMFAO. You must have accidentally double tapped or triple tapped when you somehow failed to touch the volume button lol

14 hours ago
What? All you have to do is Airplay from your device to the HomePod. I don't subscribe to Apple Music and had the HomePod up and running in two minutes. Two minutes. Also streams podcasts from Overcasts and anything else. Great sound.

15 hours ago
Bad video.... you don’t know to read at least. HomePod in antidumbs...

16 hours ago
they've released a half complete product because they are being really lazy at the moment

16 hours ago
Hey Armando, first video I watch from you and it's great. I'm a new subscriber. Thanks

16 hours ago
cool Pikachu top

17 hours ago
why does he have 500 dollr chairs laying around liek it6's nothign?? lol is this your / his main job???

17 hours ago
It blows my mind that in 2018 people will pay premium dollar for a glorified mono speaker.

17 hours ago
I join the upvoters for this video. Armando's review is both exceptionally intuitive and informed, he is very helpful. This is a real-world review demonstrating how I would want to use these products.

19 hours ago
I think apple released it now because the craze for smart speakers is really at its peak right now and everyone is buying them if apple where to delay it anymore I think it would be released and just forgotten about

19 hours ago
God damnit stop triggering my Google home

20 hours ago
Subscribed... :)

20 hours ago
The hell you talking about? HomePod is exclusive for IOS, and on IOS you can AirPlay your device's audio to the HomePod.

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