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Tosh.0 - CeWEBrity Profile - Atheist in a Foxhole
   Comedy Central
  Published: 3 years ago


Daniel hunkers down in a warzone with an outspoken atheist to get to the bottom of her beliefs.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

57 minutes ago
Quit calling that thing a she. If u dont have ovaries your not a fucking she no matter what you keep saying

8 hours ago
My money is on the atheist that bloke has everything to live for the Christian won't care if he does live or die

11 hours ago
Babadook not babaduke

13 hours ago
Is that FRED?

2 days ago
Lets be honest if u looked like her... U wouldn't believe in god!!!

3 days ago
What is that thing

6 days ago
Your artificially high pitch cannot hide that adams apple

7 days ago
That’s not a girl

1 week ago
So atheists believe that when you die there’s nothing? So pretty much you should kill a bunch of kids and then kill yourselves because there’s no punishment after death. This is why GOD absolutely exists!!! Their must be reward and punishment after death or else life has no meaning...

2 weeks ago
Look at all the angry Christians posting. They need to insult because that's what their religion is all about. Hurting others that don't believe as you do. Christians like hurting people, they like insulting others, they like making sure that anyone who disagrees with them is shut up. It's ok for Christianity to shove itself in everyone's face all that time and nonstop, but if one atheist says anything, they are the ones that christians say are shoving their "beliefs" (which atheism is not) in their face. You wouldn't even hear from atheists if christians didn't shove their religion down everyone's throats all the time. Tons of channels for religion, how many TV channels are Atheist? We see Christianity everywhere we look, and constantly. People come to your door, their are constant advertisements on TV in magazines, billboards, churches on most blocks, on our money, you name it, religion gets it's mits in everything we do. The government uses religion to promote laws and restrictions on people's lives, and to promote their people for positions. Even though The USA is a secular country and not based on any religion at all. If you religious types shut your trap, you'd never hear from Atheists again.

3 weeks ago
"The jews tend to mind their own business" Haha, ever heard of Isreal? What the fuck

4 weeks ago
thats a guy

4 weeks ago
If you look at all these comments, everyone is saying this is a dude

1 month ago
Why do most atheist try so hard to look like freaks what’s wrong with just dressing normally and still believing in your own ways

1 month ago
Ironically Jews are easily more involved in an average person life then the Christians and Muslims combined.

1 month ago
I encourage Christians to read their fucking bible. Once you ACTUALLY read the damn thing you might see things a lot differently, who knows you might even be an atheist at that point. That's usually what it comes down to after reading that garbage ass book.

1 month ago
"Hell he might like here more that little cocktease is playing hard to get" lmfaoo

1 month ago
The thing got a point. Show me a god ahhhh you can’t bitch

1 month ago
Notice how all ugly people are atheist

1 month ago
Shut the fuck up whore

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