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What Happens If You Drink Coke Instead of Water?
   Meet Arnold
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 minutes ago
you're gonna make Arnold kill himself

22 minutes ago
Too much fucking ads bro

34 minutes ago
A coke a day keeps the doctors away

43 minutes ago
Not a problem for me because I don’t even like the taste of coke and I don’t drink it lol

59 minutes ago
"The video you requested isn't enabled for community contribution"
Could you open it for translators?
I would like to translate the videos to my language so my friends and other people could enjoy it as well :)

1 hour ago
i can kill arnold for 20$

1 hour ago
Send him to Jupiter!

2 hours ago
🔵Don’t Read My Name🔴

2 hours ago
Thank You very much for the information on skillshare!

2 hours ago
Arnold is his test tube

3 hours ago
The hell of cola!

3 hours ago
I’m never drinking coke

3 hours ago
Why do these videos get so many dislikes?

3 hours ago
He didn’t lose a finger o

4 hours ago
Witch finger should we stick up?

4 hours ago
Fuzzy&Nutz Killed Arnold

4 hours ago
Answer A: you get diabetes

4 hours ago

5 hours ago
When I came to this channel 5 months ago it showed up on my recommended so I said it seems cool it was his first video about the air plane I saw he had 97k subs and then everyone was saying he'll be big so I said this is great content and I'll be an early sub I wasn't wrong now he has over 1M subs people my say I'm lying but it's ok I wouldn't even believe it myself

6 hours ago
it feels bad if u drank alot of cola😢

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