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Charmeleon / Charizard Vs Incineroar -HD- Pokemon I Choose You AMV
  Published: 2 months ago


This is a fan-made, non-profit or any malicious intent. This video wants to give a new perspective, a different way of seeing an epic "Pokemon" battle. (All Pokemon rights belong to "The Pokémon Company" with the acknowledgments of "Nintendo".
There is no negative effect on the value of the original work, as my use does not substitute or compete with the original. Just sole purpose of entertaining. Please support the Oficial Release.

Enjoy the Battle: Ash and his Charmander VS Cross, with this humble AMV.

Audio: Fire With Fire
Band: Inner 61

Check out the artist's pages!
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 months ago
No effects / Simple Amv

2 hours ago
Was this a movie or a new show? Or was this fan made?

12 hours ago
ash have 2 charizard?

20 hours ago
fire bts 555

2 days ago
Very good ise khete hai video

2 days ago
I was just happy to see ash with charizard again

2 days ago
Whay the fuck is going on ;d Ash's Charizard evolve in diffrent fight isn't he?

5 days ago
I'm scribe for the suggesting this video please

5 days ago
Anything for your dad he is very good sunnies characters die and their dad down the message again blast for flame fro it back and do several fires exam and then cry for

6 days ago
Чармандер мой любимый покемон

6 days ago
i haven't seen pokemon for well over 10 years...the animation has gotten really good since then.

6 days ago
song artist?

6 days ago
How dare you use incinerator for evil!!!!!!!

6 days ago
How inceniroar runs is never what I expected

6 days ago

7 days ago
Badass song but damn charizard kicked fuckin ass from that incineroar. Brutal, my favorite pokemon of all time and the best without a doubt

7 days ago
Charizard my fav pokemon

7 days ago
que basura nada como el original comienzo de pokemon

7 days ago
Que draganzinho foda!

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