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11 Survival Life Hacks
  Published: 2 months ago

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Killercats - Tell Me (feat. Alex Skrindo) [NCS Release]
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Alex Skrindo
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1 month ago
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3 hours ago
Wow I will definitely get a cutter, a glue and that white pump in a middle of no where

5 hours ago
How to get YouTube money in 4 easy steps
Step 1: find someone so desperate to get their edm music out there they pay you to use it
Step 2: get a hot glue gun
Step 3: ????
Step 4: profit

10 hours ago
endog rambetek
kompor edan
euweuh pagawean
mending ngejo di imah
nya waa

11 hours ago
merinding lo

16 hours ago
Ya todaly I'm supposed to carry on a hot glue gun what do you want me just grab the generator out of my backpack totally good Channel always real

17 hours ago
Al dutch people now that the music is thedutchtherms intro

21 hours ago
You make very cool videos i found you great

23 hours ago
аха ха ха
чел да все почти они бесполезны тк иметь надо зажигалку или термоклей а выживание предусмативает экстримальную ситуацию ..где этих вещей просто нет

1 day ago
Ehm? Survival Lifehacks? Hot glue in the wildnes?

2 days ago
9:30 i would rather use that as a bad condom than that thing

3 days ago
The first experiment I thought he was making a b*ng lol

3 days ago
Honestly I woulda put some butter on that before the but that's just me

3 days ago

3 days ago
Number 1. Or you could just by a water filter.

3 days ago
Fuck You MrGear, you Stupid!!! You draw the ideas from others who have tended to come up with them, and you still give them as your own ... Shame. I once watched your videos hoping to learn something useful, then you started repeating old videos and playing some silly so-called life hacks. In my opinion you should think about what you are doing, and think about creating a new channel where you could make other videos, not about life hacks. Thank you. [POL] - Ściągasz pomysły od innych, którzy się namęczyli wymyślając je, a ty chamsko jeszcze podajesz je jako swoje... Wstydź się. Kiedyś oglądałem twoje filmiki z nadzieją, że się czegoś przydatnego nauczę, potem zacząłeś powtarzać stare filmiki i odtwarzać jakieś głupie tak zwane life hacki. Moim zdaniem powinieneś przemyśleć to co robisz, i pomyśleć także nad stworzeniem nowego kanału na którym byś tworzył inne filmiki, juz nie o life hacks. Dziękuję.

4 days ago
Nice life hacks asshole

4 days ago
They think they have all that in survival

4 days ago
I though He was making a chicha in first

4 days ago
How to make a hole in a plastic bottle with a nail and fire

Step 1: Heat the nail with the fire up
Step 2: Show the nail to everyone for the next 5 Minutes
Step 3: Try to push the now cold nail into the bottle
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit!

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