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Fire and Fury | Access, integrity and mainstream media | The Listening Post
   Al Jazeera English
  Published: 1 week ago


The book that shook the White House

As copies of Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House are flying off the shelves, we look at author Michael Wolff's approach to sourcing and the facts, as well as the American mainstream media's continued obsession with a spectacle they did much to create.


Pete Vernon, Columbia Journalism Review
John Ziegler, columnist, Mediaite
Hamid Dabashi, Columbia University
Sarah Kendzior, writer

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Comments Directly on YouTube

7 days ago
Trump voters don't read books.

1 week ago
Michael Wolf must be put in prison.

1 week ago
The one who published that book should be put in prison without further delay! Anti-American and anti-Government traitors must be punished harshly!

1 week ago
The American people chose Trump which a clear declaration that USA is a Hillbilly/Racist Sh!thole.

1 week ago
Trump is Israel best friend.

1 week ago
i like this report but especially the backround music

1 week ago
Best analysis of this story I've seen so far, thank you

1 week ago
He is sharp. Trump has always repeated his stories. Hes a natural teacher and great salesman just by being who he is. His stories have lessons.

1 week ago

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