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Super Mario Odyssey: State Pride - PART 25 - Game Grumps
  Published: 1 week ago


So what's this bout state pride, huh?
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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 hours ago
Has Arin ever played Okami? If he hasn't, he would LOVE that game!

17 hours ago
When did this game become dark souls

18 hours ago
Spongebob: “Hey Patrick, wanna know what’s funnier than 24? snicker Patrick: “What snicker*?” Spongebob:”*2222555*” *They both laugh

21 hours ago
I moved from Florida to Georgia. Even being one state away is a fucking blessing. Florida suuucks.

3 days ago
Apparently Arin and his dumb wife are both retarded

3 days ago
I'm new to your channel

3 days ago
I hate it here too

3 days ago
Three cats? I thought Arin and Suzy only had two?

3 days ago
Unrelated, but I CAN'T get over Silver saying “That's a BIG ASS!” I feel like it's ALWAYS Silver. . . Like when Arin thought he said DICK WHIP! in ‛06. . . But the Big Ass 1 was more justifiable because he said Big “Ask”, which sounds more similar to “ass” than “Dick Whip” to “This Will” does

3 days ago
I was looking away and was listening to their voices and then I looked back at 2:53 and thought they somehow switched games

4 days ago
Something seams up with Arin:/ he seams less enthusiastic, or something. I don’t know. 🤷‍♀️

4 days ago
Floridians are the only people allowed to hate Florida because we live here and deal with its bullshit, similarly to other states and countries and areas. Non-Floridians cant come here and say they hate it to be funny because they dont really have a reason to hate it. Youre free to have your own opinion but you cant use it as a quip unless you have what im going to call "florida rights" to do so, meaning this place has been your home at some point. I feel like this applies to other places but i cant say for sure. No one wants a foreigner coming to their home and saying they hate it, thats just rude ya know

4 days ago
i hate florida too, been living here my whole life i'd cheer if someone else said they hated florida too

4 days ago
"I love this game! It's beautiful to look at!"
Aaaand that about sums up Dan's contribution to Game Grumps as a whole.

'cept for Paper Mario and SotC.

4 days ago
fucking lividly epic

4 days ago
You can have my purple Koolaid when you pry it from my cold dead fingers!

4 days ago
“Warmer climate break up that sense of community”
stares intensely at Texas
What you talkin bout Dan

4 days ago
I can safely say that Arin is an idiot after seeing this episode. He seems pretty gullible if he thinks that aspartame causes cancer and 80% of people are allergic to SLS. There is very little scientific evidence to back such claims up, and I'd strongly advise people to not believe the nonsense he's peddling.

5 days ago
dan last episode: “shortening words makes people stupid”
dan this episode: “f l e p i c”

5 days ago
"i'm a little princess in my house."

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