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Destiny 2 - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer
  Published: 1 week ago


From the makers of the acclaimed hit game Destiny, comes the much-anticipated action shooter sequel, Destiny 2. Experience an all new cinematic story campaign, innovative cooperative gameplay, and intense competitive multiplayer as you journey across unexplored worlds to discover an arsenal of weapons and devastating new combat abilities.

New Legends Will Rise on September 8. Pre-order Destiny 2 to get early Beta access:


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Comments Directly on YouTube

57 minutes ago
"10 year plan"

2 hours ago
Hope year one will be exciting and stay that way until year 4..... Hmm what about forever huhuhhuhuhuhu... I am a unemployed 13 year old.
._. donate me some salty 12 year olds and I'll be ready to take on the world and create a new fire team
Ill make destiny great again and populate the server with squeaky gta 5 perfectionists.... Remember vote me as prez of destiny 69,best regards and fuck activision....actually fuck Konami yeah thats my quote of the year right there.... THIS USELESS COMMENT IS destineh......
okay im done with my random comment ill be going now.

6 hours ago
They try to sell us exactly the same game.... Same graphic same issues still 30 fps still no dedicated servers fick you bungie you wont get my money.... First try to fix your first game before making another

9 hours ago
Hey my name is Cade also....sweet

11 hours ago
If I don't buy this game I might die of cancer

15 hours ago
cant play this game. Sun explodes gives me anxiety.

16 hours ago
Just wanna shout out destiny for being the best game ever! Been playing since alpha and I just pre ordered the game.

17 hours ago
this doesn't look that bad

19 hours ago
Fucking sick ❤️🤙👌

19 hours ago
Looks exactly like destiny 1
Will probably have very little new features
Will probably have the same issues that destiny 1 had
Will probably have very little content until the mandatory dlc

Shut up and take my money

21 hours ago
this will probably turn out like last time......

21 hours ago
Wait Zavala pops is bubble right where the Earth and traveler statue supposed to be WTF WHERE IS IT!

21 hours ago
I pre ordered destiny 2 and I'm wondering when is the beta gonna be out?

21 hours ago
Music plz???

21 hours ago
I feel so bad for all the peasants with their potatoes that will be playing this. #pcmr #mygpucostsmorethanyourps4

21 hours ago
What music is this in the second half?

22 hours ago
raid on the tower?

22 hours ago

24 hours ago
Ooooo yay a new destiny DLC

1 day ago
this game will be $90

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