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The New SpotMini
  Published: 5 days ago


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2 minutes ago

3 minutes ago
Reminds me of demo-dogs from stranger things

4 minutes ago
шиза !

8 minutes ago

8 minutes ago
Too many people and trolls are focusing on the science-fiction movies about the end of humanity. This is an amazing piece of progress. Summed up in one video. Perhaps, in the future, robots could help us survive the end of planet earth.

10 minutes ago
норм такой робот пёс

10 minutes ago
здОрово )

19 minutes ago
Wheres his arm gone? That was good hows it going to open doors pass drink etc

20 minutes ago
finds a gun, uses leg to fire it

20 minutes ago
How did it know to look at the camera?

20 minutes ago
Подпешысь на канал мой и поставь лайк

24 minutes ago
ree roo ree roo ree roo ree roo

27 minutes ago
Forget it being used as a weapon, that's just a crappy meme. Imagine all the jobs more capable robots in the near future will steal.

29 minutes ago
подпишись. смотри и смейся

30 minutes ago
Am I the only one who is afraid of this shit? I don`t wanna die killed by humanoid or dogonoid robot

33 minutes ago
what kind of dog is this?

33 minutes ago
Skynet likes this vid 😂

37 minutes ago
This is top trending in my country

38 minutes ago
Just throw some water on it and there goes days of hard work and millions of money

56 minutes ago
So when that thing gets kick.

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