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Space Exploration is the Worst | Emily Calandrelli | TEDxIndianaUniversity
   TEDx Talks
  Published: 2 years ago


Opening for TEDxIndianaUniversity was Xploration Outer Space producer and star, Emily Calandrelli’s tongue in cheek summary of why space exploration is actually a misguided and empty pursuit, upon which billions of dollars are wasted every year.

Emily Calandrelli is a producer and the host of FOX's Xploration Outer Space, a nationally syndicated educational program about the space industry. She is also a writer for TechCrunch where she covers
technology topics with a focus on commercial space companies.

Emily graduated from MIT with a Masters in Aeronautics and Astronautics and second Masters in Technology and Policy. While at MIT, Emily was awarded the Rene H. Miller Award for the best piece of Systems Engineering work in the AeroAstro department. She received her bachelors in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from West Virginia University. As an undergraduate, Emily received the Truman
Scholarship, Goldwater Scholarship, and placed on USA Today's All-USA Academic First Team.

Emily enjoys writing, speaking, and posting on her social media (@TheSpaceGal) on the topics of science literacy, space exploration, and equality in STEM fields.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 hours ago
How can every single statement be sarcastic?

14 hours ago
Smartness makes a person sexier!

14 hours ago
Amazing! I was almost triggered but she nails it EPICLY

15 hours ago
Hello! Velcro anybody?

15 hours ago
Something else is also watching the stars right now.

16 hours ago
Suomi NPP mainittu

16 hours ago
I really think we shouldn't fly to Mars... We've done enough damage on earth.

16 hours ago
The uS war-machine loses track of far more than 18 billion a year. She doesn't seem at all upset about the 1 TRILLION plus the uS spends per YEAR to garrison and spread terror around the world. Anyhow, I stopped watching as soon as I heard the ' I host a TV show on Faux'. She is a fluff and a lite-weight. People that open by bragging about their degrees , thus implying they are more intelligent that you are, can end up being quite the opposite.

20 hours ago
For god's sake. I wrote an entire paragraph on everything I thought was wrong about her speech as I listened. Then she pulled that sick plot twist at the end and now everything I wrote down was invalid. That was pretty cool tho.

21 hours ago
She got me good, just got more and more angry at her, but then.. <3

22 hours ago
I wished she was serious when she said transition from Mysoace to Facebook was terrible. Cause it was

23 hours ago
Observing terrestrial climate changes is good for ESA. Let the NASA do what they were created for... SPACE EXPLORATION.

23 hours ago
junk science

23 hours ago
not saying much for a MIT degree

1 day ago
So basically we need to travel to Mars to save the rich

1 day ago

1 day ago
I'd like to explore the space between your hips.

1 day ago
aha.. just broadening the minds of most people for 0.5% whilst youre learning to defend your selves in the meantime, not to mention getting ahead in getting your hands on the$ waiting up why dont u use the rest of your 99.5% to help the 63 million little girls? U are a troll. :)

1 day ago
She has pretty toes

1 day ago
This lady is the embodiment of the reason why girls is Saudi Arabia aren't getting education. She gets a degree at MIT and wastes it an telling us that a nomadic lifestyle is bad. Try again.

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