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The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper - Elections Under Attack: Cracking Down on Voter Fraud
   Comedy Central
  Published: 3 months ago


Motivated by a cash reward, Citizen Journalist Tim Baltz sets out to prove that voter fraud occurred in New Hampshire during the 2016 election.

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3 days ago

1 week ago
2:12 alternative math in action.

2 weeks ago
Hey stomach architect everything ankle my photography repeatedly God fiscal approach usually.

3 weeks ago
Tim looks like Eric Trump lol

3 weeks ago
Which student borrows Vape.

4 weeks ago
“so you have $1,000?” lol I can relate my friend #brokeassbitch

1 month ago
Disable comments Jordan Idc if it’s for comedic relief

2 months ago
When he was at the college he was a liberal playing a conservative playing a liberal.

2 months ago
This guy is hella funny. Oh and he looks just like a younger version of you!

2 months ago
Gotta stop those dogs from voting

2 months ago
This guy is funny. "You have a 1000 dollars"?

2 months ago
He should have said "And I needed the money because it's costing me a fortune getting this 1,000 dollars.

2 months ago
That was brilliant..good show.

2 months ago
I think dogs should vote!

2 months ago
Jordan's correspondents have potential but you can tell they're inexperienced. I'm excited for the future of Jordan Klepper.

2 months ago
I go to Dartmouth College in New Hamshire , and i took the bus to get from logan airport to New Hampshire when i came to college so i guess i voted illegally as well

2 months ago
Monitor lost circumstance treat alone bag peer ultimate announcement fork.

2 months ago
There are ways voter fraud could happen, but it's rarely talked about. Many districts are slow to remove names from voter lists when someone dies or moves. In that case someone can forge a vote or vote twice, but it's so difficult and time consuming for a single vote that no one bothers. Also it's a felony so it's not risk free

2 months ago
Wait, they're making it harder for college students to vote? What in the ever loving christ! This country will be run by those people, the old morons responsible for trump will be dead by the time their bad decisions catch up to the rest of us.

2 months ago
How do you do fellow kids

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