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We Need To Talk About The Gavin Free Meg Turney Home Invasion, Vanessa Trump, and More...
   Philip DeFranco
  Published: 6 days ago


I was unsure how to talk about this, but it’s important to remind everyone these are REAL PEOPLE we are talking about.
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Meg Turney and Gavin Free Break-In

Trump Family Targeted With Fake Substance Attack:

Sony Apologizes for Controversial Peter Rabbit Scene:'Peter-Rabbit'-team-apologizes-for-making-light-of-allergies

Rob Porter Timeline Doesn’t Make Sense:
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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 days ago
happy Tuesday ya beauties, go buy some tacos and treat yourself. you deserve it. if anyone gives you shit, just tell them that Philip DeFranco said it's totally fine... and then you'll spend the rest of your delicious taco lunch explaining just who the hell Philip DeFranco is... <3

39 minutes ago
did anyone else lose it when he said "cut their heads off WITH A HOE"?
I did.

1 hour ago
It's great that you didn't put the home invader in the lime light. Focusing on the perpetrator of the crime, even showing his picture can potentially glorify the person as a sort of anti hero and encourage more people to do similar acts. This is an issue that news networks are guilty of. This is especially prevalent with mass shootings and it needs to stop.

Charlie Brooker examined news coverage of shootings and how they depict the perpetrators and how they can be sensationalised into "nihilistic pin up boys". here's the link >>>
Give it a watch, it's only 2 mins long.

11 hours ago
Completely agree with you on the Roger Rabbit food allergy part, people are offended by everything these days, knee-jerk reactions seem common & context matters.

13 hours ago
By far I have been able to successfully avoid seeing your channel in the suggested reccomandations.

13 hours ago
I agree with you about thePeter rabbit scene. But nowadays people are gonna get Butt hurt over everything and not only that but a lot of children take things too seriously and act upon them because parents don't wanna watch their children as well as they should be. So unfortunately they will act upon things they see. Unless taught otherwise.

17 hours ago
I have multiple food allergies. My closest friends say that I'm "allergic to everything." Having lived with food allergies for 17 years (since birth) I understand what an allergic reaction feels like and what being rushed to the hospital is like when you're nine years old and don't know if your throat will close up and choke you to death after accidentally eating a meal made with eggs. I am not particularly offended by the scene being described, however, it does rub me the wrong way that such a dark subject would be used in a kids movie. Yes, dynamite and attempted decapitation are used in the movie, however, kids are not exposed to things like that on an everyday basis (at least I hope they aren't) therefore the gravity of the situation isn't quite in their grasp. Food allergies are much more common and have a bit of a cruel effect on the body. It is slow, it is painful, and it has happened to kids in the past. If someone has food allergies, the reaction of that child to watching that clip would not be that of laughter, but more of a slight fear in wondering if this is what happens when they eat a food that could kill them. This all being said, if someone showed me the clip from Peter Rabit, I can't say I wouldn't be amused.

19 hours ago
12:25 "In walks in" XD

22 hours ago
Meg was asking for it, dancing around in her underwear.

22 hours ago
Well, I watched Peter Rabbit after I saw this episode, and I could see why the allergic reaction scene was so controversial.

1 day ago
Everybody is allergic to bullets, but they are often used as the means of wounding/killing people in stories. Are bullets offensive plot devices?

1 day ago
I watched this movie and now I can't see people suffering from an allergy without laughing at them because the movie taught me how to feel about everything in life. Help.

1 day ago
lol at the food allergy thing. Kids, don't watch Mrs. Doubtfire.

1 day ago
Feelings as Facts - should be put on the US 2019 dollar - That should be the slogan of our pussified country. Hey Phil new t shirt for you. I'd buy a feelings as facts shirt -

2 days ago
@Philip DeFranco I don't know if someone mentioned it below but I just wanted to correct something you said by implying Celiac Disease is due to an allergy to gluten, which it is not. It is an autoimmune response to gluten. Besides that small detail your sentiment is correct regarding the self diagnosis of Celiac Disease and the fad diet of gluten free because it's "healthy".

2 days ago
I have a chronic knife allergy. If a knife gets in my body it causes a terrible reaction that can, depending on the exposure level and location, quickly lead to my death.

2 days ago
Quotation marks can totally change this from a terrifying story of a deranged person to a playful prank: The Gavin "Free Meg Turney" Home Invasion.

2 days ago
The three year plan discount is just on their main page without your discount

2 days ago
I'm sorry, but if there have already been countless news reports that have given these details and already made the incident worse for Gavin and Meg, why would you continue to talk about, thereby extending the amount of time that the two have to live through this? I understand that you mean well, but if you yourself are saying that talking about it is part of the problem, then why are you talking about it?

2 days ago
I kinda agree with the food allergy thing. When I was in elementary I went on a school field trip and one mom made all the snacks - peanut better and jelly sandwiches. I'm allergic to peanuts so I asked if I could have something else she ended up calling me a drama queen saying I just wanted something else and I should be greatful she even made me lunch. I told a teacher what happened so the teacher gave me her lunch(egg sandwich) and took mine and went to go speak to the parent. The daughter of that parent ended up putting peanut butter in the egg sandwich when I wasn't looking and I bit into it. Thankfully the same teacher who gave me her sandwich also had my e.pen and stuck me with it. The girl ended up saying she believed her mom that I was over reacting and wanted to see if I would actually react to the peanutbutter.

Moral of the story; kids will be kids and because they are not taught that their actions have real concquences - They do things without thinking and then expect you to forgive them in the end. And the parents are no better so how is a child suppose to learn? I say we start teaching kids to grow up faster and start taking responsibility at a young age. If you kid is old enough to text and watch YouTube your child is old enough to be responsible for their actions.

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