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Building the Largest Space Telescope Ever | National Geographic
   National Geographic
  Published: 4 years ago


In a global collaboration between NASA, ESA, and CSA, a team of more than a thousand scientists and engineers are building the largest telescope ever sent into space—the James Webb Space Telescope. Bigger and more powerful than its famous predecessor, the Hubble Space Telescope, the Webb telescope will be able to observe some of the earliest light that ever existed in the universe and possibly find clues to where we came from.
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VIDEOGRAPHERS: Jason Kurtis and Kathryn Carlson
PRODUCER: Jason Kurtis
EDITOR: Jennifer Murphy
ADDITIONAL VIDEO & ANIMATIONS: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center and Advanced Visualization Laboratory at NSCA

Building the Largest Space Telescope Ever | National Geographic

National Geographic
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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 day ago
Interesting tid-bit:
Commentors, check out Dr. Mather's credentials on Wikipedia.
He makes "Sheldon" look stupid...

3 days ago

1 week ago
With this telescope we will understand not only the universe but also humanity in a way we had never expected before.

1 week ago
I can't wait tel time come for launching !

3 weeks ago
Looking forward to what it will reveal! Reminds one, a bit, of a "star destroyer"...☺️

3 weeks ago
with the high tech cameras we have today, just imagine this kind of telescope camera 1000 times higher tech then the most advanced commercial telescope camera we have, worth millions more, this will unlock so many mysteries, 2018 will be the year we start seeing others civilizations in stars systems around us, and see further galaxy in pretty good resolution, still only the beginning of the space age and not enough to see everything, i doubt we ever will one day anyway..

1 month ago
So we will be able to see further into space very nice, so that's means seeing billions of light years away, but will we be able to see clearer pictures of the moon right and not fuzzy crappy pictures of things that nasa says are just rocks or shadow of some moon dust.

1 month ago
Yeah you liar, "Hubble" is in fact Sofia and flies with a 747 plane around the earth. There was never a "Hubble" telescope in "Space".

1 month ago
Its amazing to see how the world comes together and works for the betterment of society and pioneering space exploration.

2 months ago
Atlast to shut down flat-earthers

2 months ago
Hubble is the size of a schoolbus 'notice the object comparing analoge used for describing the difference in size to 'web', then goes to comparing the bus with a number.
Next the Lady goes to a number, 'web is about the size of 373'...

She was just making her case, but still proceeds to confuse me with the size comparison. Can somebody elaborate for me pls...

2 months ago
After the launch of James Webb telescope, can I have the Hubble please?

2 months ago
I am sending my Dobsonian telescope into space next year.

3 months ago
North Korea will shoot it down..

3 months ago
That's Amber Straughn, isn't it? She was on 60 MInutes this past weekend, in Bill Whitaker's segment on the Hubble Space Telescope.

4 months ago
new discoveries here we come :D

6 months ago
The wink at 0:41 is concerning

6 months ago
that nasa chick is hot.

6 months ago
i hate it you suck nasa love hubble yay not crap

8 months ago
PLS Americans!! use metric units! don't fuck it up

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