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  Published: 1 week ago


Welcome to London. Home of the unbeatable. #LDNR

Show us you’re a Londoner at
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3 minutes ago
Song name of last song?

14 minutes ago
I didn’t understand anything they said 😂

16 minutes ago
I don’t get why jorja Smith is in this when she is from Walsall in the West Midlands

19 minutes ago
Where is KSI

21 minutes ago
London and proud! ❤

25 minutes ago
There was a little jheeze when the camera moved to giggs who clocked that

2 hours ago
Mate I live in London and it’s way whiter than this

2 hours ago
What are these comments man white people being racist black people being racist like yall need to chill it’s a Nike advert

3 hours ago
Who saw chocolate rain

3 hours ago
Funny theres no asian people in London

4 hours ago

4 hours ago
Big shag part is jokes

4 hours ago
The amount of racist lunatics in these comments that aren't even from London most of the time.

If I was born here, earned my place here and made sure to be productive for London, i'm a Londoner.
If I wasn't born here and came from somewhere else but became legal, got a job and made sure to be productive for London, i'm a Londoner.
You don't speak for me, a born and raised Brit with a different skin tone. You don't speak for this own countries law that allowed me to be here in the first place.

If an immigrant is here illegally, you have every right to remove them from the country.

That mindset is the same mindset people had when they wanted to remove the Jews, the Japanese, the communists, the Black and Hispanic. History repeats itself and we have mountains of proof to reflect back on. If you actually fall into that trap as many did before you, you're a fool.

4 hours ago
Planet Of The Apes.

4 hours ago
What’s the name of dis song it bangsss

4 hours ago
This was shit. In parts.

5 hours ago
good ad

5 hours ago
Whats wrong with Pekham?

6 hours ago
Song name at the end?

6 hours ago
Peckham definitely isn't as bad as it used to be. Still ain't gonna run through there at night tho

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