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Ash Ketchum vs Gary (best battle ever) charizard,blastoise
   Anime Regent
  Published: 3 months ago


Crazy battle between Ash ketchum and Gary which involves pokemon like charizard and blastoise.

Please watch: "Itachi uses Genjutsu on Naruto (Naruto Shippuuden)"
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4 weeks ago
Hope you'll like this video..Happy New Year...Have a fantastic 2018

1 hour ago
Everytime Ash told a Pokémon to "HOLD ON!" the Pokémon got knocked the fuck out. Maybe Ash should learn to stfu.

7 hours ago
So golem had 40 hp or less, im assuming. lol

8 hours ago

8 hours ago
Ah it all makes sense now. You have to TELL your Pokemon to dodge stuff, otherwise they just stand there and take it to the face. Now to figure out how to do that in any of the Pokemon games.

10 hours ago
How dare you insult Red and Blue by using a thumbnail of their battle!?

12 hours ago
I hate it that they kicked Gary out as main rival of Ash. I could accept the loss of Misty and Brock, but Gary? Hell no!

16 hours ago

16 hours ago
Uhh... os it me or os hydro pump his favourite move to say?

20 hours ago
So much stuff on the show made no sense. There was literally a whole story arc centered around Ash having to capture a ghost type to defeat a psychic type even though psychic is super effective vs ghost

21 hours ago
Ash’s favorite move
“Hang on!!”
F*cking idiot...

21 hours ago
Back when type match ups didnt matter

1 day ago
I’m triggered because you put a red v blue pic as the thumbnail

1 day ago
9:59 yeah right hand to hand combat cuz they're holding hands.. find a room you two.

1 day ago
9:40 😂 that commentary

1 day ago
8:18 Charizard's theme music starts 🔥👊🔥

1 day ago
5:53 right on the left boob

1 day ago
3:25 that's right send muck flying with a rapid spin.😂

1 day ago
2:18 Oak got a head from Ash's Heracross😂

1 day ago
smell ya later...

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