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Peru Dakar rally: Palaeontologists worry about geoglyphs
   Al Jazeera English
  Published: 1 week ago


In Peru, palaeontologists and archaeologists have warned that the Dakar rally poses a serious risk to parts of the country's unique geological fabric, one of the world's largest geoglyphs.

They're worried about features formed from fossil deposits dating back millions of years.

Archaeologists say it is not only the pilots and their vehicles, but the people who come and watch the competition who damage the terrain.

AL Jazeera's Mariana Sanchez reports from the Paracas desert in southern Peru.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 week ago
Nah race is way cooler

1 week ago
These environmentalist and archeologists have no work but play the party pooper. Some bullshit every single time.

1 week ago
Bacan el reporte

1 week ago
dakar rally? BORING

1 week ago
i can't believe ppl worry about somethings gone rather than try to help out on those who need help...what a world

1 week ago
In 20 years people will be flying over and notice figure 8s in the sand and say the Peruvians knew about the infinity sign years ago.

1 week ago
There is a similar problem with geoglyphs in California too :-(

1 week ago
Where is Teresa Bo. She always reports for Al jazeera from South America. Bring her back.

1 week ago
Is it really necessary to have a race over the heritage of a people? Could this not be run somewhere else? By the way reporting on it after the fact is not really helpful. AJ you must have known this for a while...Telesur reported on it over a month ago.

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