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Chappelle's Show - I Know Black People Pt. 1
   Comedy Central
  Published: 3 weeks ago


Dave assembles a diverse group of contestants to find out how much they know about African-American culture.

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3 hours ago
fat janitor guy

6 hours ago
Where is part 2

8 hours ago
😂😂😂 Too funny

9 hours ago

17 hours ago
As a member of the nigger community, I'm highly offended. Pimpin ain't easy

1 day ago
Holy shit, Dave needs to come back during this nightmare of an administration. Dave would have material for eons!!!!! Miss you Dave! ❤️☮️

1 day ago
The cop I think is the only one that wasn’t scripted hilarious

2 days ago
The good old days

2 days ago
Dave is always a riot. The kkk skit, the prince skit, crack in a can skit. They are all top notch comedy skits. Hes very talented.

2 days ago
Finally!!!! I've been waiting for this clip for 10 years!!!!

2 days ago
The other version of black jeopardy

2 days ago
The black race are the funniest people on earth. Love Dave love black people

2 days ago
Is pimping easy? Hell yeah! Somehow that is correct!

2 days ago
238 humor in their soul!

2 days ago
Barely experimental undergo tactic where leg gray sustain bit.

2 days ago
Dave at his best!

3 days ago
Comedy Central still trying to be relevant by capitalizing Dave Chappelle Lol fuck out of here

3 days ago
Black People!

3 days ago
my fave segment of this skit is the menthol question. HAHAHAHA

4 days ago
0:49 tell me that ain Cole from Martin

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