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Best Videos Compilation Week 2 May 2017 || JukinVideo
  Published: 4 months ago


It's time for another compilation of the best videos from this week include this weird digging clam, a savage dog stealing its owner's burger, and an extremely talented, highly experienced gas station inventory counter doing his thing!

Original Links:

Surfer Dog:
Motorcycle Safety:
Almost Had It:
Cooking 101: Submission
Biking On A Trail:
Like A Glove:
New Security System:
Climbing Down:
Sneak Attack: Submission
Wipe Out:
Reunited At Last:
No Rush:
See You Later:
In The Ocean:
CVS Security:
Just Digging:
Heads Up:
Falcon Punch!:
Nice Sculpture:
Not All At Once:
Speedy Fingers:
Is It Food?:
Buttery Hands:
Hot Water In Cold Air:
Came Outta Nowhere:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 weeks ago
On surfer dog how do we know its not romotr controled

4 weeks ago
Find the pokeball at 7:55

1 month ago
Just saying the hampster or something may of bit the baby for its reaction

2 months ago

3 months ago
1:18 Dont worry, if fall u have a VERY SMAL chanse of landing in a bird nest

3 months ago
7:56 really a Pokémon ball

3 months ago
At 3:52 that baby can swim better than me!!!! 😞

3 months ago
buddy, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS- ALL OF THEM, but you should choose another intromusic/song, because its sooo damn loud if you´re not turn the volume low you know...!?! its not a critic, actually a tip and i will watch them anyway...:)

3 months ago
5:29 I'm pretty sure we're watching clam porn😂💦🍌

3 months ago
nah, you dont have to close your helmet. most of the times stones will not even hit your head...

3 months ago
3:56 The baby is so natural, And look at that jelly fish on the left. If that was me I would scream like a girl.

3 months ago
7:56 who notice that pokeball

gonna catch em all

3 months ago
7:15 song?

3 months ago
That in the ocean one made me feel really happy :D

3 months ago
thats no way threat a crocodile 3:37

4 months ago
7:20 song name plz??

4 months ago
If this gets 50 likes I'll burn my yeezys..

4 months ago
5.26 that thing came quick af

4 months ago
3:52 / 8:20 is soooo beautiful...

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