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Best Videos Compilation Week 2 May 2017 || JukinVideo
  Published: 2 weeks ago


It's time for another compilation of the best videos from this week include this weird digging clam, a savage dog stealing its owner's burger, and an extremely talented, highly experienced gas station inventory counter doing his thing!

Original Links:

Surfer Dog:
Motorcycle Safety:
Almost Had It:
Cooking 101: Submission
Biking On A Trail:
Like A Glove:
New Security System:
Climbing Down:
Sneak Attack: Submission
Wipe Out:
Reunited At Last:
No Rush:
See You Later:
In The Ocean:
CVS Security:
Just Digging:
Heads Up:
Falcon Punch!:
Nice Sculpture:
Not All At Once:
Speedy Fingers:
Is It Food?:
Buttery Hands:
Hot Water In Cold Air:
Came Outta Nowhere:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 days ago
3:52 / 8:20 is soooo beautiful...

4 days ago
4:00 тот момент когда хочется сказать: Сами вы говно. Жизнь.

4 days ago
1:19 that's looks like fun!

5 days ago
2:11 why the fuck do you think its a good idea to film yourself eating while driving anyway?? people are fucking dumb

5 days ago
The hamster could of lost its eye it's a dislike 🐹

6 days ago
You re-use the same videos more than a whore at a whore house

6 days ago
If the air is that cold I don't think you should be wearing short sleeves and jeans

6 days ago
1:02 "I coulda had a V-8" on wheels. LOL

6 days ago
7:45 would have been final destanation . Good thing the invented a better glass

6 days ago
5:00 wtf is that.just imagine digging and finding that😖

6 days ago
7:55 his shifter is a poke ball

1 week ago
Did anyone notice the pokeball in the gear stick of the car in the last clip?

1 week ago
7:20 Wow..👏👏👏👏

1 week ago
That fucking burger snatching dog. Slam the brakes to teach it a lesson.

1 week ago
I bet the girls love Ole speedy fingers

1 week ago
7:50 did anyone notice his awesome poke ball

1 week ago
0:30 Donald Trump's private security force.
7:41 How to puss out from a race.

1 week ago
The swimming with dolphins couldn't be a nicer memory for someone to look back on in like 20 year

1 week ago
that mom swimming with her baby and dolphins is one of the most beautiful things ive ever seen❤

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