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Just Between Us - America Is Gunny as F**k - The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper
   Comedy Central
  Published: 1 week ago


A House panel is set to approve a bill allowing good guys with guns to carry concealed weapons across state lines, even if they happen to have violent criminal pasts.

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2 hours ago
The crazier America gets, the better this segment becomes.
His satire may reach Onion News Network levels in time.

14 hours ago
WTF is wrong whit you people? Guns for kids? You are really fucked up.

18 hours ago
Holy fuck........ I've stumbled across the "other side". This show is an inverse image of the satyrical pseudo-anchor shows that I find mildly funny as a righty. What made me laugh harder than the fake, canned laughter was the fact that the timing for punch lines, and quirky comments are the same on both sides. By the way: an infant did not sign the paperwork to carry a firearm; their mother and father did as a preventative measure to preserve their child's 2nd amendment rights. (Refer to the bill of rights for details)

2 days ago
Why did the republicans let their party get high jacked.

True Republican-
1.small gov. (Gov should not play so much into our lives. Ie everything. Want my gun, fuck you die.
2. Abortion. Small gov again. Tell my partner she can't have one. Fuck you die.
3. Religion free to worship, not push it on people. Want me to say merry Christmas even if I'm not religious, fuck you die.
It's called a republic for a reason.

You don't need corp. Shills to tell you how to live. Be good to others and protect yourself.

2 days ago
refreshing in a way, sad it took this to get back to real sarcasm.

3 days ago
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4 days ago
America's gun slingers love to say "if ya don't like it leave it"(meaning the country). Here's a little Reciprocity: If ya don't like our state's gun laws stay the fuck out

4 days ago
Oh really, a BORDER shouldn't stop you from your rights? Hmm, sounds familiar...

4 days ago
Your slave attend teacher interesting phenomenon wherever player chest witness neighbor.

5 days ago
Republicans just LOVES big government and stepping on state rights.

6 days ago
Republicans are in their 70s now and are gonna try and take the rest of us withem on their way out

7 days ago
A baby can carry a gun ... better buy more guns to protect myself from those infants now

7 days ago
If I visit America, the first thing I would do is buy 2 guns. If an infant has a license to own a hunting gun, then I can.

7 days ago
Reciprocity for cannabis possession, if it's legal in your state to smoke it, U can smoke in any state!

7 days ago
The ignorance of so many of those commenting here about what they think states rights to be is incredible. States rights don't mean that a state can infringe someone's Constitutional rights. This reciprocity bill doesn't mean the federal government is infringing the rights of a state. That this reciprocity bill is necessary is because some state governments are infringing an individual's right to keep and bear arms recognized in the 2nd Amendment. A state cannot infringe that any more than it can infringe the right to free speech or trial by jury. All these people screaming states rights: Would you be comfortable if a state infringed the right to trial by jury while claiming states rights? Or how about infringed the right not to have cruel and unusual punishments imposed?

1 week ago
Then we should be able to cross state lines with weed

1 week ago
At first glance, I thought it said: Just Bet Weenus.

1 week ago
Nice guys give up all your guns. The gangs can't wait!

1 week ago
Westworld jokes never sound like they're written by someone that watches the show. It's about shit loads of cowboys doing spaghetti western shit, right?

1 week ago
It's time to change the American flag. Instead of stars and stripes it should be a big facepalm emoji. 🙄

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