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Jimmy Surprises His Father-in-Law with a Special Watch
   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  Published: 3 years ago


Jimmy describes how his father-in-law successfully ejected from and survived a U.S. Marine Corps training mission he piloted in the 1960s.

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Jimmy Surprises His Father-in-Law with a Special Watch
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Comments Directly on YouTube

12 hours ago
He's a terrible story teller.

12 hours ago
Gosh dang Jimmy is so stinking adorable.

3 days ago
Trump prefers pilots who didn't eject.

4 days ago
wtf jimmy

4 days ago
I just so love watching The Jimmy Fallon Shows may they long continue xx

4 days ago
Great story, my dad is also in the MB tie club for ejecting! Told him about this video and am hoping he might get the watch as a family heirloom for his grandson!

5 days ago
He said "he didn't know" but both have the same tie

5 days ago
What a cool gesture. Although I was expecting the story to involve Christopher Walken hiding it in his ass.

5 days ago
That was an awesome way to recognize you're father in law. He's a hero great job Jimmy! And I appreciate his service.

5 days ago
"I love you, Buddy."
"I love you more."

wow...That's awesome.

2 weeks ago
Way to go with the story of his step then ending it with "Thank you for your daughter." LOL!

4 weeks ago

1 month ago
What a wonderful story - Thank you for your Service!

4 months ago
That Was Soooooooooo AWES0ME, Jimmy!!!!!!!!!!

4 months ago
Always enjoyed watching your show and the more I see your inner self the more I see what a "special person" you are. Never forget where you come from and continue providing such great stories. You "Rock" Jimmy!

5 months ago
I get so sick of Jimmy bashers that say he's fake or insincere. This video just shows you how genuine of a guy he is. It's just so difficult for people to accept that he is that happy and excitable.

5 months ago

5 months ago
Don't know if this has been addressed later in the comments, but I scrolled through several dozen and didn't see it. That piece from the ejection he held up is called a face curtain. During normal flight it is over your head and when you eject, you pull those two handles out and down. The material on the handles goes over your face which starts a sequence of events resulting in the seat leaving the aircraft. There is an old saying, "meet your maker in a Martin-Baker". That is because the Martin -Baker seat is incredibly dangerous and a lot of people have been killed either ejecting or simply working on the seat.

6 months ago
Look at 4:20 Jimmy Fallon phases over towards his father in law but nothing else in the clip changes. JIMMY FALLON IS A CYBORG. THIS IS PROOF. Sweet gesture though.

6 months ago
Jimmy is absolutely amazing! He is so awe inspiring💖

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