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7 Little Things That Give Us Away Completely
  Published: 3 months ago


A lot of the things you do instinctively, as well as our preferences, say a lot about your true personality. Your everyday habits can reveal surprising things about yourself!

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2 hours ago
12k thumbs up = average people. 6k thumbs down = intelligent people. About the wrist watch, one must take in consideration: post i-phone or pre i-phone. Some cant wear a watch because they are more magnetic and the watch stops or slows down, and that has nothing to do with being punctual.

7 hours ago
Who is poor and who is rich???????? 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

9 hours ago
There is so much wrong with this.

12 hours ago

13 hours ago
I don't like wine.

20 hours ago
So people who look at labels when they shop are wasting their time? I get that you're trying to show two sides, but you can contrast personality types without saying that good features of one are bad features for the other

22 hours ago
I'm nine I don't drink wine 🍷

23 hours ago
"This type of people"
"More sweeter" ... Oh my, I see the narrator is not a fan of "sophisticated words".

1 day ago
I am a contradiction of all but one of the facts

1 day ago
hehe watches are dying ... today people does not wear because of their mobiles ...

1 day ago
A fun video, but full of biases. I hope no one takes this seriously, or uses it to justify anything. We aren't made in a dichotomous world. The richness factor is also based on deep social and cultural conditioning.

2 days ago
Not at all!

2 days ago
0:00-10:07 of this vid r clickbait

2 days ago
Hmm. So wearing a dinosaur on your wrist makes you punctual, while not wearing one makes you outgoing. Ok. Well I clicked. Happy cash flow!

2 days ago
The watch on is true God me! I never wear it

3 days ago

3 days ago
I don't like wine at all.  I think it tastes like rotted grapes.  Which it pretty much is.

3 days ago
Anxious and emotionally ustable ... Extroverts on the other hand ... What type of a comparison is that!?

3 days ago
I know someone who is in the category don't mind lil mess, and i do know someone who is in the easier to communicate category. Every person is so differentttttttttt. There is pros and cons

3 days ago
OMG the girl on the right of this thumbnail looks like a chick version of Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl.

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