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10 Shocking Photos of Earth THEN and NOW founded by NASA
  Published: 9 months ago


NASA has found the shocking changes of planet earth in a years in some places you won't believe exist.

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10 Dramatic Photos Before and After in many years

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 minutes ago
Why, why can't we protect our earth

6 hours ago
We shouldn't be complaining over a robot voice, we should be more concerned about what these photos are showing us!

8 hours ago

9 hours ago
Robot voice..dont like

20 hours ago
Bitch shut the fuck up

22 hours ago
Lake Orville filled back up in 4 months and overflowed, destroying the spillway and caused mass evacuations. Such is weather.

22 hours ago
Stop wasting that warter masterbating in the rest to me simple fix

1 day ago
Btw There's been alot of floods this year and hurricanes, Maybe that's were all the water is.

P.S. I. Just saying this to keep me calm. I know the world will end sometime, BUT WORLD YOU CAN END AS LONG AS I'M NOT IN IT!! Sorry about that, some technical difficulties😁😫😣😧😧😧

1 day ago
Looks Photoshopped

2 days ago
Change the voice its annoying

2 days ago
the earth is warming from the inside, it has been a constant change for a million years, we are a micro organism.

3 days ago
The Middle East appears to be furnish

3 days ago
Wtf is up with the music ruins the clip

5 days ago
What about number 11 URANUS?

5 days ago
Use real voices not robots, instant dislike.

6 days ago
Climate Change propaganda.....all fake except Brazil photo

6 days ago
In order to develop India , we have developed a lot of pollution but still we come in undeveloped country😢😢😢😢😢

6 days ago
For all the people going on about global warming, try telling that to us in Chicago who had to endure wind chills of -25 for the past 2 weeks... " Ice caps are melting", they just made their way to Illinois...

7 days ago
The Aral sea was dammed off and water diverted on purpose

7 days ago
this video is literally showing our planet drying up and everyone complaining about the sound lol says alot

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