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Ben Platt - Somewhere (LIVE From The 60th GRAMMYs ®)
  Published: 3 weeks ago


Music video by Ben Platt performing Somewhere (LIVE From The 60th GRAMMYs ®). 2018 Atlantic Recording Corporation Show more

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17 hours ago
Just beautiful.

20 hours ago
Guitar strummed once and I started tearing up

2 days ago
I like that he was like : I just got out of bed and put on whatever was on the floor but check this voice out.

2 days ago
I wonder if he knows how good he is? What an extraordinary voice for one so young.

2 days ago
sweet lil bean

3 days ago
slammed the like button before the video even started

4 days ago
he came to SANG... and that he did

5 days ago
Interesting voice.

5 days ago
wont it be cool if he did phantom on tour . yummy

6 days ago
wow jst wow, im speechless
what a pleasure for my ears!

6 days ago
There’s a place for all of us ✌🏻💖🍀

7 days ago
I think a mark of talent is when an artist can take a song that’s a great standard and make it fresh and new...

7 days ago
Very disappointing.
He posseses a great instrument, but the 'catch-breath' passive phrasing that was so effective for the social awkward Evan Hanson makes no sense in this positive, uplifting song
The song comes from a place of conviction

1 week ago
His breathing control is AMAZING! What a voice! That's what we should call real singing.

1 week ago
How have I never heard of him

1 week ago

1 week ago
Respect to you all. Nice music...At time we just need to seat down and listing...

One Love


1 week ago
Ok Speilberg you have your Tony

1 week ago
Some comments made me sad mad. The Grammy’s are for music excellence not just singing.... So why shouldn’t the most popular form of music be represented and honored at an awards show? Now obviously I like this type of music as well, which is why I am on this page. But don’t fault the Grammy’s when this vid has 330k videos and Bruno & Cardi’s performance has 20M. It’s a show to get ratings to get eyes to look at ads to get money. Just be glad most everything can be included, honored and welcomed. For a long time rap, which is central to MY community versus Broadway which might be central to YOUR community wasn’t even acknowledged. So be pleasant, be pleased and be for all people. It’s not a contest. Ben is amazing which is why 30k of the 330k have been from me.

1 week ago
what is this song from?

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