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Guilty Dogs Compilation from the JukinVideo Vault
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Dogs get into some crazy stuff when their owners aren't looking but they aren't very good at hiding the evidence or their adorably guilty faces. If you have a dog, you understand these moments better than anyone! Enjoy this funny guilty dogs compilation!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 hours ago
This just proves that our adorable animals definitely KNOW when they've done something they shouldn't have!! Anyone who thinks a dog can't look guilty, have never had the pleasure of having lived with one!😂😂
And that they can understand any language!

3 days ago
He he he Good Hee!!!

6 days ago
omg those 2 black dogs r awsome

1 week ago
How does a dog eat a toilet sea

1 week ago
Lmfao the way she says cookie

1 week ago

2 weeks ago
Does someone else also has that round sign in the left top corner which goes over the title???
Cuz that's fucking irritating

2 weeks ago
1:48 them dogs look scared of who is gonna be the next meal

2 weeks ago
These videos are stolen and jukin media are criminals

2 weeks ago
5:08 quem fez bagunça

2 weeks ago
Aos 5min aquilo que está no duche é um cagalhao do cão? XD

2 weeks ago
All so adorable :)

2 weeks ago
I got a Chihuahua. If I was to call her out on something she did... She´d just kill me on the spot!

2 weeks ago
4:55 what kind of a toilet is that?! omg

2 weeks ago
Is the first dog a labrador or a retriever?

2 weeks ago
i can't bear such cuteness.
oh wait. bear... oops wrong animal

2 weeks ago
This video made me laugh and then sad.

2 weeks ago
4:48 is that some kind of Elven language? :D

2 weeks ago
все же, блядь, понимают что собакен в отсутствие кого-либо дома будет искать себе развлечение, нахуй вы их оставляете дома одних - долбоёбы, блядь...

2 weeks ago
Copyright striking Comedyshortsgamer's video, huh? You dun goofed junkincunts you've just ended your own career

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