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Joe DeRosa: You Let Me Down - Fake Sports & Real Cheating
   Comedy Central
  Published: 1 week ago


Even though the world loses its mind over the Olympics, Joe DeRosa isn't impressed by an athlete's commitment to a sport he doesn't care about.

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7 days ago
Please consume respectively birth replacement high coach properly familiar continuing Senate slope

1 week ago
He's my #1 celebrity crush ❤❤

1 week ago
standups are wearing suits again eh? I especially like how the guy calls people who watch the olypics dorks, but I'm sure this guy has a few D&D books in his house somewhere and probably knows the names of 90% of the characters on game of thrones

1 week ago
In Track and Field, diving over the finish line (to get your torso over the line first, which is what counts) is not considered cheating.

1 week ago
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1 week ago
I bet all world class athletes and every astrophysicist thrives for perfection and great things until their retirement. This guy def stopped at some point. Somewhere in the beginning i think

1 week ago
Joe derosa is mediocre as fuck

1 week ago
I thought he was jared Fogel and the title hasn't convinced me

1 week ago
Now, if he only had shoulders

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