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5 Simple Life hacks & Ideas
   American Hacker
  Published: 10 months ago


simple Life hacks that you can do at home.
In this video you are watching secret pen,trip wire alarm,magic bolt
and nut,micro dremel tool and battery powered soldering iron.

music by nocopyrightsounds and Toby
-JPB - High [NCS Release]
-Tobu - Candyland
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Comments Directly on YouTube

9 months ago
Check these incredible life hacks:

9 hours ago
-Star, 2018

16 hours ago
Nice tricks

1 day ago
Wow? I can cheat in exam

2 days ago
The length of the video is seemingly menacing....

3 days ago
Please change the name of this video to 5 of the most shitey useless life hacks ever

3 days ago
It seems contradicting that you need a soldering Iron to make a soldering iron...

3 days ago
These are probably thee most useless but hilarious life hacks I've ever seen, he actually uses a soldering iron to make a soldering iron genius level shit right there, what's next making a glue gun but glueing all the parts together!

4 days ago
All these and sooo cool,, Dude I'm Lucky I can turn on my TV and use a Microwave,, these projects I would try get frustrated, turn 5 years old and probly throw it,,

4 days ago
Nice video

5 days ago
i was clickbait 😢

5 days ago
None of these are “simple” or “easy” and none of them actually qualify as life hacks because no one actually needs any of the stuff in this video

5 days ago
Why would anyone need a secret message in their pen...?

5 days ago

1 week ago
Not really 'life hacks' per se.... more 'pointless...' but who am I to criticise.

1 week ago

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