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NASA Reinvented The Wheel
   Tech Insider
  Published: 2 months ago


Mars destroys tires — so NASA reinvented the wheel by giving it a memory. Following is a transcript of the video. 

NASA has reinvented the tire. These rover tires are made from a nickel-titanium alloy. A material that can be deformed and return back to shape.

The super-elastic material allows it to “remember” its original shape. Rover tire technology has come a long way.

In the 1960s mesh tires were woven from piano wire. The technology worked well, but could only hold so much weight. In 2013, significant wheel damage was found on the Curiosity Mars Rover. The Curiosity Rover had solid aluminum wheels. The new nickel-titanium tires could allow rovers to explore new grounds and carry heavier loads.

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3 hours ago
Meanwhile, in Iraq, sand n*ggers are still ass-pumping goats.

15 hours ago
My 6 year old

Dick cheese is more creative than this.

1 day ago
the question is: how long do these tires last? metal will eventualy wear out (as seen on the curiosety). haven't seen a answer to that in the video

1 day ago
Nasa inventing the wheel?

1 day ago
If you're tired of the same trap music I have a intergalactic sound Listen to Lexo Laze - Lab Life Looters

2 days ago
this material is called nitinol its a shape memory alloy that has been around for a while.

2 days ago
Can it withstand a burn out

2 days ago
I have seen some conflicting information. Is NiTi a basic alloy? Or is it a nickname for something else? Maybe spectrography is obsolete and the material simply appears to be nickel and titanium on a gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer and other spectral studies... Perhaps it is designed to appear to be a combination of mined metals? I'd love to see crystallographic and especially the more advanced quantum physical studies. The existence of a metal with these properties having not been extensively studied in energy generation by mainstream academia seems to show signs of information suppression, as the science behind this "alloy" or actual alloy can not be found. It's mostly false, sketchy and unsourced info on Wikipedia with explanations that kind of make sense and appear to have some some sort of rhyme and reason, but it just doesn't fit with academic science. Spend ten years studying quantum physics, then try to explain the "science" behind this stuff. It isn't simply something which everybody should assume is over their heads. It's completely outside the scope of what mainstream science has provided us over the last century. An alternative or parallel model perhaps? Maybe somebody will explain it soon? I hope so!!! Thank you NASA, a conspiracy theorist is born!

2 days ago
I want to punch it.

2 days ago
Welcome to UFO and absolute zero point energy disclosure. Perhaps we surpassed that technology already and have something better? I hope this makes it to mainstream academia soon. They may see it as a thoroughly covered subject, but somebody far smarter than me will likely or even inevitably see that the material used to make this wheel has properties which violate laws of physics and thermodynamics as we know them. "Somebody else already studied it is NOT an excuse to do any real research. Look up this alloy on Wikipedia and it will lead to a constellation of pages which appear to be generated by some sort of bot, but you can't find an original source which is readily available. Many references don't even exist. Perhaps this is a way of introducing us to suppressed science or to new laws of physics and thermodynamics. The wheel metaphor is cute. I will find a way to get this studied by somebody who knows how to look up a study without using the Internet; thanks Wikipedia. It's amazing how this info is self-debunking. I sound like a rambling idiot. Oh well, at least I will have this comment to mark the start of my journey in to new science. Or I will discover that I'm just grossly under informed and that it's all just some psychological issue on my part.

3 days ago
Watch something get caught in one wheel and rip it apart.

3 days ago
Looks like a good way to slide off the road.

3 days ago

4 days ago
Never hold up in the

6 days ago
that's cool and all... but hey look sweet drone shirts!

6 days ago
Guess the jews are in a hurry to get back to mars.

7 days ago
Ummm....that's not re-inventing anything? It's still a wheel.

7 days ago
Used on the moon rover

1 week ago
thats cool and all at 5mph what about an Ohio pot hole at 35mph?

1 week ago

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