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Tunisia's 🇹🇳 economy: Tourism slumps as PM seeks to calm protests
   Al Jazeera English
  Published: 1 week ago


The Tunisian government is hoping a boost in aid to poorer families will help contain growing discontent over new austerity measures.

It has pledged an extra $70m after protests swept across the country.

Al Jazeera met with Iskandar Zribi, an owner of an ecofriendly hotel in Zaghouan - a town south of the capital Tunis.

Business was booming before the 2011 revolution, Zaghouane was packed with tourists, but in 2015, a gunman killed 38 tourists in the resort town of Sousse, creating a business crisis for hotel owners like Mr Zribi, who saw his revenues decline by 90 percent.

Al Jazeera's Hashem Ahelbarra reports from Zaghouan, Tunisia.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

7 days ago
If I looked like a typical white European I would be scared for my life over in Arab countries.

1 week ago
I'd rather Romania, than go to Tunisia...

1 week ago
"Tourism" Why should Europeans bother to visit North Africa? More of it is showing up in their town/villages/cites every week.

1 week ago
The reason I don't want go to any Arab countries is because of terrorism is to risky and also to many strick law

1 week ago
The terrorist attacks are just the tip of the iceberg as these countries criminalise atheism, relationships out of wedlock etc etc

1 week ago
Religion bringing pain and misery to all.

1 week ago
Come on Al Jazeera, the slump in tourism is not down to the recent protests or the poor economc situation, its because europeans holidaymakers fear being killed by ISIS supporters living there - your report has totally reversed the reality and the facts! Tourists will never return to be sitting ducks waiting to be picked off by a gunman and the government and people need to weed out ISIS - which I guess is virtually impossible.

1 week ago
They have only themselves to blame.

1 week ago
I wouldn’t go to Tunisia.

1 week ago
First, Alhamdulillah

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