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Let's Play - GTA V - Lindsay Wins
  Published: 1 week ago


The crew sets out to let Lindsay win 1st place in an entire set of GTA V transform races. Forget about Criminal Masterminds. This is the hardest task Achievement Hunter has ever taken on.

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About Let's Play:
A revolving cast of Rooster Teeth employees play video games extremely poorly.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 minutes ago
please keep doing these. this is amazing

4 hours ago
This made me love Lindsay more!

4 hours ago
oh god, that whole helicopter segment...
pure gold!

6 hours ago
Amongst the assholes, it's cute that they will sacrifice winnings just for her happiness... until the end, of course.

7 hours ago
Probably the only video I'm glad Lindsay is in.. Please do more of this. xD

9 hours ago
Honestly, mood.

9 hours ago
Everything hurts

13 hours ago
This was hilarious!

15 hours ago
Where's the footage of Michael and Ryan getting the s#!t kicked out of them after the second race?

Honestly, this video has revitalised my AH viewing. You should let Lindsay win more often.

16 hours ago
best idea ever lol

20 hours ago
Atleast lindsey being a fucking retard has a purpose in this video. Most of the time i just get annoyed by her.

20 hours ago
Laughing my ass off the whole time.What a concept. lol

24 hours ago
I had to pause the video when Lindsay veered away from the finish line because I was laughing so hard. Never change, Lindsay. You're a goddamn Chaotic treasure. <3

1 day ago
God Lindsay trolled the shit out of them in the second race. Not only did some of them win the race they also lost their bet money!

1 day ago
This needs to be a series

1 day ago
Wow, every feminazi in the world should be pissed at this because it proves women can't win without serious help

1 day ago
So funny, would be great to see this in more games and gameplay videos

1 day ago
I love Lindsay so much. She’s so funny this is amazing

1 day ago
why though?

2 days ago
"Unconsensual docking" most underrated joke of the video

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